Marijuana is a street name that originated in Mexico. Its literal meaning in English is Mary and Jane, which was the name given to brothels in the country. US citizens started using the name after some time. Cannabis, which is its scientific name, is a drug that individuals use for different purposes around the world.

We are going to learn more about pot and some facts that you may never know about it in this article. By the way, according to statistics, people continue to debate about its existence since people started abusing it. Here are some truths you should know

  1. New Jersey wants to legalize the drug

The debate in many states (both the Us and the globe) have become the norm of many politicians today. Some argue that the drug should remain illegal, while some think that it is time that governments legalise the drug because of the numerous effects that scientists find in them.

An excellent example of a liberal state is New Jersey, USA. Many legislators and the social justice advocates want to legalise the drug. Expunging record for marijuana arrest in NJ has become the primary source of controversy as they wonder how they will deal with prisoners found in possession of the drug before passing the law.

  1. It is suitable for pets too

Most people enjoy using marijuana because it assists in getting through the adverse pains of chemotherapy and other painful surgeries. In states where the drug is legal, users have to produce a doctor’s permit so that they can buy the prescription.

Studies show that the same use on humans can still be active on animals. For instance, dogs can enjoy the drug by ingesting it through cookies and second-hand smoke. They cannot inhale it, of course, but it would be good to note that excessive use can be harmful and can lead to death. On the other hand, people used bhang to increase appetite in pigs. They, in turn, grew bigger and fat.

  1. Responsible for releasing dopamine

If you never knew, the dopamine hormone is in charge of ensuring that you feel pleasure in drugs, food and sex. The chemical pathway also makes sure that you feel rewarded. Since it links to the brain, marijuana can catalyze these effects.

The high in this drug, which the THC induces, will ensure that the person feels pleasurable

for the time it interacts with the brain. The cannabinoids receptors interact with the dopamine receptors to bring in this high effect. However, with excessive use, the impact can decline since your system gets used to it. The dopamine returns to normal levels after quitting the drug.

  1. Has adverse effects to our hearts

Scientists find the drug to be lethal to our cardiovascular health. The organ is in charge of pumping blood and nutrients to the whole body; hence, smoking the drug can increase blood pressure levels and irregular heartbeat rates.

With this in mind, know that the user will have to be wary of its danger, especially if you have suffered from any heart-related disease previously. Doctors note that patients who take the drug have a high risk of heart attacks within the first hour of inhaling marijuana. Additionally, anyone with any chest illnesses should avoid inhaling it at all costs.

  1. Contains more effects on females than males

According to various studies, the drug and chemical components in it influence gender differently. Scientists in institutions found out that women need a little marijuana to get high. However, they noted that females develop tolerance to it quickly, which means that they have to inhale more, just like men, to get high .

During sex, men who take more of the drug have a difficult time finding their orgasms. However, women will desire sex with a few puffs. When it came to withdrawal effects, women found it difficult to cope with the withdrawal symptoms than men. Most of them will experience a lot of trouble finding sleep, lacking appetite, and being easily irritable.  

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