There are several methods to increase your workout intensity through a plateau. Naturally, your body becomes accustomed to your fitness routine when you repeat the same workouts every week. After a while, you may feel stuck with stagnant weight loss results. As an active individual, you can boost your exercise intensity level to break out of your rut. There are plenty of ways to switch up your workout routine and amplify your fat burn as you train. Try these advanced methods to increase your workout intensity through a plateau.

Reduce Rest Time Between Sets

You can reduce your rest time between sets to maximize your cardiovascular fitness benefits. There are dozens of theories on how long you should rest between sets to build muscle and lose weight. Commonly, power lifters leave 3-5 minutes between sets to use maximum energy. To pack a bigger fat burn into your training session, you need to reduce this recovery. Professional trainers recommend keeping rest periods between 30-60 seconds to increase your fat burn. If your heart rate returns to normal after 60 seconds, drop the time to 45 or 30 seconds. To see results, you need to keep your heart rate up and feel a slight fatigue during reps. Watch the clock to reduce your rest time and intensify strength training sessions.

Try Combination Exercises

Next, try combination exercises to break out of your weight loss plateau. Combination exercises are an essential summer fitness tip to improve your strength training. In strength training, the most powerful moves involve multiple muscle groups and joint movements. For example, you can do squats with an overhead press as one fluid exercise. By adding the overhead press, you work your shoulder muscles along with your hips, glutes, and thighs. This way, you improve your strength and build more muscle mass faster. In addition, this movement also adds cardio, coordination, and balance to your exercise. The increased muscle and cardio movement from combination exercises makes them great to intensify any workout routine.

Wear A Sauna Vest

To amplify perspiration and accelerate your weight loss progress, wear a sauna vest. These innovative vests use cutting edge technology to intensify your workouts. For example, Kewiloo’s fitness apparel uses advanced neoprene fabrication to trap heat in your core. By raising your body temperature, the vest stimulates 3-5x more sweat than with regular gym clothing. Plus, you can burn calories up to 3x faster during moderate physical activity. Moreover, this fitness attire boosts resting metabolic rates over time as well. Certainly, wearing a sauna vest is sure to help your weight loss by accelerating your fat burn and sweat production.

Integrate Tabata Intervals

Furthermore, Tabata intervals have been scientifically proven to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Tabata intervals are an essential way to fuel your fitness routine.  In this high intensity interval training (HIIT) program, you expend maximum energy for 20 seconds. Then, you rest for 10 seconds. Typically, each set is 4-5 minutes long with 4-6 sets in a training session. With these intense work periods, you continue to burn calories once the workout is over. In one study, individuals who trained with Tabata improved aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels by over 20% in six weeks. To achieve these results, it is essential to do high-intensity cardiovascular movements such as burpees, sprints, or thrusters. Integrate Tabata intervals once or twice a week to break out of your weight loss plateau.

Train With Drop Sets

Finally, train with drop sets to build muscle mass faster and boost training intensity. In a drop set, you lift until your muscles can’t perform work anymore. Once you hit muscle failure, you decrease the weight by 5-20%. Then, do more reps at this lighter weight until you hit failure again. Repeat the decrease weight 2-3 times to increase your strength training session’s effectiveness. Often, drop set weightlifters work with dumbbells because they can easily decrease weight between muscle failure sets. Research the best dumbbell excercises for all levels of gym-goer to find a training routine that meets your needs. Also, you should check with a training professional or doctor so that you do not injure yourself at the point of failure. By training with drop sets, you can increase intensity to build muscle mass faster.

There are several methods to increase workout intensity through a plateau. First, you can reduce your rest time between sets to about 30-60 seconds to keep your heart rate up. In addition, try combination exercises to engage more muscle groups and your cardiovascular system. You can also wear a sauna vest to amplify your sweat production and calorie burn. Moreover, integrate Tabata intervals to intensify your aerobic and anaerobic activity. Furthermore, train with drop sets to build muscle mass faster. Try these methods to increase workout intensity through a plateau.