The summer is upon us, so it’s time to update your wardrobe and accessories so you can always step out in style by day and by night. What are the five must-have essential summer accessories that you should make sure you have in your closet so you can rock your personal style and always look fantastic?

Vintage Jewelry: Summer jewelry should be light and comfortable, and it should match your casual and pretty summer wardrobe well. Therefore, leave the gaudy, heavy pieces behind and opt instead for simpler options that are just as attractive. Whether you love wearing a lot of rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, purchase some new pieces that you’ll love showing off. And because you’ll be showing off your ankles and feet with your summertime fashion, you can even purchase a few pretty anklets and toe rings as well. You can even incorporate some Boho inspired or vintage jewelry in the mix, as these are perfect for summer fun in the sun and hot summer nights by the beach.

A Straw Hat: The sun is harshest during the hot summer season, so you need to take even more care to protect your delicate skin, particularly on your scalp. To avoid the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, you can put on some sunscreen, but to protect yourself with fashion, you can don a lovely straw hat as well. This will help to protect your scalp, as well as your eyes, especially if you go with a style that has a large rim. Wear this hat whenever you go out shopping, when you head to beach, or when you are commuting to work each day.

A Light Scarf: Even though you may think of scarves as being appropriate accessories only for the colder months of the year, if you purchase a really lightweight scarf, you can use it to make any summer outfit even more adorable. You can pair a light summer scarf with your jeans and t-shirt combo, or you can even wear one with a cute summer dress. Not only will you add a pop of color to an outfit that may otherwise be quite plain, but you can also use the scarf to keep you comfortable when you are indoors in a place that has the air conditioning turned up too high. And if you do not want to wear your scarf around your neck, you can even use one as a belt or as a sarong, especially if you purchase one that is made of cotton or silk.

Wedge Sandals: The perfect blend of a casual flip-flop and attractive high heels is the wedge sandal. These shoes come in a variety of styles and heel heights, so you can choose a few that will pair perfectly with every one of your summer outfits. They are more comfortable and easier to walk in compared to high stiletto heels, and they are also perfect for walking along the boardwalk by the beach or down your favorite city street. Wear everything from dresses, skirts, and jeans, to capris and shorts, as these shoes will go with just about everything you already have in your closet.

Summer Sunglasses: No list of summer fashion accessories would be complete without mentioning the ultra necessary pair of summer sunglasses. After all, you already know that the sun’s rays are particularly harsh in the summertime, so you need to make sure you always have a pair of stylish sunglasses to wear and protect your eyes whenever you’re outside, whether you’re at the beach, going for a hike and exploring the great outdoors, having a picnic, or simply going on a shopping spree. This year, consider purchasing a pair of fun retro sunglasses that are timeless and trendy at the same time. Flattering styles include the cat eye, the Jackie O, and the wayfarer, but choose a pair that will suit your face shape best. And when it comes to color, look for sunglasses in black or tortoise if you want to wear them all year long, but if you want a pair for summer, stick with a bright color instead.

Are you ready for the summer and to upgrade your current wardrobe? Then head out and purchase the five accessories above. These must-haves will ensure that you always look your very best and that you will also be protected from the harsh summer sun. So go ahead and flaunt your fashion sense, and enjoy everything that this beautiful season has to offer.