These days people are feeling too overwhelmed with various job and family obligations that they need an energy boost. The majority turn to large amounts of caffeine, while others, unfortunately, decide to indulge in illegal substances in order to stay alert and focused. Even though using such things to gain energy can have short-term positive effects, it’s always better to opt for natural ways that can help you feel energized without harming your mental and physical health. If you’re looking to boost your energy, here are natural and harmless ways to make it happen.

Eat your breakfast

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While some suggest that it’s not true, it’s still more advisable to eat it than to skip it. Your breakfast should consist of full-grain cereals, fruits, vegetables and proteins such as eggs and avocado spread. Avoiding refined sugar is something you should definitely do since they only harm your health in the long run. If you still have a sugar craving, it’s better to opt for a healthy, fruity smoothie, made with fresh fruits and plant-based milk. Instead of sugar, you can add honey, maple syrup or dates.

Get physically active

It might seem strange to suggest this, but being on the move can actually help you get more energized, especially if you’re lacking energy in the first place. Being physically active doesn’t always mean sweating in the gym or going for a run. Instead, you can take a light walk around the park or play some of your favorite music and get lost for a few minutes. Anything that helps you sweat can also boost your energy as well. That’s why people usually feel tired and refreshed after a session in the gym. Exercising can boost endorphins which are what experienced joggers call “the runner’s high”. Also, regular work out can improve one’s cardiovascular health and sleep, which can lead to more energy and better concentration.

Increase magnesium intake

For many, a lack of energy can come from various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Feeling tired, muscle cramps, anxiety and depression can all be symptoms of not enough magnesium. According to Australian research, 41% of males and 35% of females aged nineteen and over have inadequate intakes of magnesium. Therefore, nowadays it’s easy to find healthy magnesium supplements in Australia since there have been efforts to show the importance of its intake to the wider public. In case you don’t know where to start, you should see your doctor and if necessary, do a vitamin deficiency test first to find out more.

Reduce your stress levels

Sometimes, the stress in our lives is caused by the factors we cannot change, but what we can change is ourselves. So, even if you feel anxious about a certain work issue or a family problem that cannot be immediately resolved, you should actually turn to yourself and learn how to cope with stress. Meditating, yoga, tai-chi and of course, psychotherapy can all help you deal with anxiety through learning about healthy coping mechanisms that won’t harm you. Instead of indulging in petty arguments or self-destructive practices that actually are very stressful, you should aim to reduce stress levels by learning how to improve yourself.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Having a drink or two at the party can make you feel all bubbly and happy, but only until the next morning. If you add tobacco to the mix and you’ll have a serious hangover that can impact the way you feel, act and perform at work. Hangovers can lead to lower concentration levels and worsened mood. If you must drink or smoke, try staying hydrated so you could minimize the potential dehydration that is often the result of drinking and smoking. Many people tend to often socialize, whether it’s for work or pleasure, and socializing often requires us to have a drink in our hand. In order to avoid getting drunk or hungover, you should drink water and always eat something before going out. Of course, the best way to improve energy levels is to quit smoking altogether, and to drink only on special occasions. Many people who quit have reported feeling more energized and motivated.

In conclusion, keeping yourself energized shouldn’t be hard if you pay attention to your daily routine. Implement healthy habits should be your priority, and when it comes to bad habits, you should work on getting rid of them, or at least, minimizing them and their harmful effect. Whether it’s smoking, drinking or eating too much sugar, you should learn to exercise self-control. Also, staying hydrating and drinking water, herbal teas and some coffee can definitely help you feel fresh.