In order to achieve the desired gloss on our hair, we apply numerous kinds of chemicals to it. Most often, these chemicals do more harm than benefit. To avoid this, you should use natural ingredients that strengthen your hair and at the same time, make them lustrous and beautiful. Here’s a quick starter-pack for you:

1.                 Eggs

Barring vitamin C, eggs have all the essential vitamins that make it one of the healthiest foods to eat. The yolk contains a good amount of fatty acids which can help in improving the skin on your scalp that fights dandruff and also make the hair shiny and glossy in appearance. The lecithin present in it helps reduce frizziness and ensures that your hair remains strong.

You can prepare a mask for your hair by whisking two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this mask to your scalp and let it rest for twenty minutes before you wash it off with cold water and shampoo your hair. Repeat this process once every week for atleast 6 months and you will soon start to observe the benefits.

2.     Avocado

All of us use various techniques to style our hair. Unfortunately, most of these techniques are induced with chemicals that tend to weaken our tresses while also making them dry. However, a vitamin-rich ingredient we often find in our kitchens, avocado, is very useful in moisturizing your hair. The oils in avocado penetrate the cuticle and bring out the moisture to give your hair a shiny texture while also strengthening it from within.

You can make an avocado mask for your hair by mashing it and mixing it with a few drops of peppermint oil. Apply this mask to your hair and let it rest for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it off.

3.     Yogurt, Honey and Olive Oil

When you combine these three ingredients to form a serum, it will result in a powerful mixture that provides strength to your hair and makes it incredibly shiny and bouncy.

The lactic acid present in yogurt cleanses the hair by removing all dead skin cells that give your hair a dull appearance. The proteins present in it also help reduce frizzy hair. On the other hand, honey is a great moisturizing agent as it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere into your hair. It helps give the hair a shiny appearance while making it smoother and removing dandruff.  Olive oil also helps in reducing dryness in hair and increasing elasticity. When combined, the various benefits of all these three ingredients cause a combined effect on your hair resulting in lustrous, strong and beautiful hair.

You can make a paste by mixing half a cup of yogurt with honey and olive oil. Apply this paste to your hair and let it rest for half an hour before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

4.     Sabja seeds

This ingredient can be found easily in almost every household. It has amazing benefits for your hair. The proteins present in it will help reduce hair fall by strengthening the hair. Make a paste comprised of amla and sabja seeds and mix it with cold water to let it rest overnight. After adding some coconut oil to this paste, apply it to your hair. It will help reduce hairfall and prevent the greying of the hair.

Sabja seeds are also incredible in fighting dandruff along with cleansing the scalp and reducing itchiness. You can add a few drops of coconut oil to basil seed oil and apply it to your hair. Let it rest overnight and clean it in the morning. Regular use of this mixture will eradicate dandruff and smooth your scalp to a great extent.

5.     Apple Cider Vinegar

Our hair is made up of overlapping scales. However, as the hair’s health diminishes, the scales no longer lay flat. You can use apple cider vinegar to keep these scales flat and healthy alongside cleansing and reduced itchiness benefits.

Simply rinse your scalp and allow it to dry before adding a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in equal amounts to your hair directly through cotton balls. After you let it rest for a few minutes, you can rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. Do this at least once a week and you will notice that your scalp is no longer itchy and your hair is dandruff-free.

All of us desire to have healthy hair that also looks beautiful. Follow these techniques and I am sure that hair flip in the party is going to buy you some major compliments! 😉