Summer cold and flu season is upon us. Nothing is worse than catching the flu when you could be out catching a wave. We live in a high tourist area and along with their spending power, the snow birds also bring us their germs. Luckily, mother nature and modern technology have provided weapons we can use to combat those little microscopic terrors before they have a chance to bring us down. We can use tried and true natural ways to fight viruses.


Ways To Fight Viruses, Naturally

  1. Get enough rest: One of the main reasons your immune system gets weakened is by not getting enough sleep. Sleep loss is cumulative, so every night that you miss even an hour or two, the tally is adding up fast. Try giving yourself a set bedtime and sticking to it. Turn off electronics and other distractions an hour before bed time whenever possible.
  2. Avoid stress: Everyone is naturally going to have some stress in their lives, it is a part of being human. The dangers arise when you are in a constant state of stress. This can weaken your immune system even more than sleep loss. Take a few minutes daily for purposeful relaxation. Taking a 15 minutes to take a warm bath or a walk or to meditate will help keep stress at a manageable level.
  3. Use natural immune boosters: Nature provides its own pharmacy if we know where to look. Garlic and oregano oils, for example, offer protection from viruses, bacteria and protozoa. You should be able to find them at your local health food store. Check the labels for proper dosage.
  4. Remember good hygiene: Plain old washing your hands does wonders when it comes to fighting those icky germs. Just like mam used to say, don’t forget to wash your hands! Sneezing into the crook of your elbow instead of your hands also help stop the spread of infectious microorganisms.
  5. Purify your air: There is nothing like a good air purifier, such as the new AeroOne, to scrub the air of viruses and bacteria. They can also help tremendously with allergies and asthma attacks. Unfortunately, all air purifiers are not tested, so their effectiveness is not proven. The AeroOne by Aerobiotix is scientifically proven to reduce the level potentially dangerous microbes and allergens in the air. Move it around your house, to the areas you spend the most time in. Make sure that the air that is going in to your lungs is clean.

AeroOne 3D UV Air Disinfection System

Aerobiotix Inc. was formed in August of 2013, founded by David Kirschman, M.D. It was formed around one central idea, cleaning the air, so the idea of the AeroOne was born. The Aero One is designed to help those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or illness and is known as the ‘Ferrari of air purifiers’, the ultimate home air purifier combined with hospital grade elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is easy to operate, with no advanced programming required. It only has one setting, because that is the most efficient setting. It is like having a hospital’s clean air every day whenever you want in your own home.

It has a pre-filter designed to eliminate odors, which is nice when you have a couple cats running around. It can be moved around easily because of smooth and silent ball-bearing wheels.  You can find yours on the AeroOne site for $899.00. What could be better than preventing illness and breathing clean air?

What healthy habits keep you on top of your game?