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I understand the problem. Everything gets old and becomes passe. You were so in love with it when you got it. You told yourself that it could never get any better than this. Then, other people started to have the same thing. Next thing you know, it’s everywhere and my stuff now looks like everyone else’s stuff.

It was like that when my mother had her “golden harvest” kitchen in 1977 and when I got my first stainless steel appliances. They were both so new then, but now that ship has sailed. Where do we go from here? How now brown cow? For a brief moment in time the answer is slate appliances. Slate is a gray-toned metallic with less sheen than stainless and exactly what designers and consumers have been looking for. You know you want to be the first on your block to show off that new kitchen.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Shifting To Slate

  • No More Fingerprints: Other appliances aren’t out of the box two seconds before some tiny person comes along and totally smears them with fingerprints. Just lucky they didn’t come with peanut butter. Smudged fingerprints will be a thing of the past with slate.
  • It Looks Classy: Inspired by the look of actual stone, the slate finish provides an elegant surface. The smooth, stylish will make you want to crawl all over it. The surface is dripping with class. It should have a vase of fresh roses on it right next to a loaf of fresh Ciabatta bread.

GE Slate kitchen

  • It Holds Magnets: What good is a refrigerator that can’t hold report cards? I guess we just throw all those crayon pictures in the garbage. Belay that order private. Your fridge just became an art gallery.
  • It’s Designed To Be Neutral: Slate was specifically created with today’s open floor plans in mind. It goes with every texture and color, never clashing with the rest of your decor. A warm, matte texture matches every style. Stainless accents complement any hardware. On the sides, a specially created shade of gray goes with every color for easy coordination.
  • Easy To Clean: These products wipe down with ease. Even though you wont be dealing with your husband’s fingerprints on everything, there will still be wine stains and grease pools. GE slate appliances are so easy to clean, you can spend more time messing up your kitchen.

Visit the Best Buy Landing Page and check out their fantastic GE appliances. Take a view at the GE appliance Slate Finish Brochure for all the information you will need to make an informed decision. Take a look at their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t wait too long though. Your neighbors are reading this as well.

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While I understand that it is not easy keeping up with modern style, it is a fact of your complicated life. You know how it’s going to go. If you wait too long everyone will have slate appliances, so beat the rush.