Part of the fun of taking a trip somewhere new is the endless stream of amazing photos you can post on social media. Of course, you want everyone to know what a great time you’re having! Thanks to camera phones and filters, anyone can produce some fantastic holiday photos, but if you want your photographs to stand out from the rest on Instagram, here are some tips you can’t afford to ignore.

Invest in a Good Quality Digital SLR Camera

A photographer is only as good as the kit he or she uses. Smartphone cameras are very impressive these days, but you can’t beat the quality of RAW photos taken with a quality DSLR camera. If you don’t have a clue what to buy, ask for advice or look for a camera that offers an auto function. You can find plenty of advice about cameras – and photography in general – online, so check out sites like FujiUser.

Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture

Anyone can take impressive shots of a local tourist attraction, but if you want memorable shots, you need to look beyond the obvious photogenic sites. Leave the main tourist trails and get to know the locals. They might tell you about a hidden temple or a place most tourists don’t bother visiting. This could be your chance to capture a shot nobody else has seen before.

Ask Permission

Just because you have a camera, it doesn’t give you the right to snap photos of anyone and everyone. Your subjects are people too, and if you are not respectful and polite, they are likely to be offended by a camera shoved in their face. Build relationships and talk to community elders if you want to take photographs of local people. The best photos happen when the person on the other side of the lens trusts you implicitly.

Research Potential Locations

Sometimes, great photos happen when you stumble on an amazing site at just the right moment. More often than not, however, great photos require careful planning and execution.

Research your destination and make notes about locations you want to visit. Plan in advance any sites you want to photograph, or people of interest. There may be places where you need to ask permission to enter. It is a lot easier if you organize this in advance. The more organized you are, the more time you will have with your camera, doing what you love best.

Know Your Equipment

It’s best to travel light, as this gives you the freedom to travel off the beaten track. However, irrespective of what you pack, make sure you know your equipment inside out. Great photos often occur spontaneously. You see something amazing and “click” you have captured a scene forever. But, this won’t happen if your camera is in the wrong mode or you don’t have the right lens to hand.

Stay safe when travelling with your camera, as you will become a target for thieves in many parts of the world.