5 Sure Fire Tips For Sticking To Your Resolutions

Traditionally, once the holidays are over and we ring in the new year, we vow to change some of our not so great habits. It has been said the making of resolutions got its start way back in the early Roman times. Some say the Romans would sit and reflect on the year past and make a promise to better some of their failings they had noted. Many of the resolutions were of a moral standpoint like acting kindly towards others, do charitable works and pray and fast to make bodies, minds and spirits better. If you made a few resolutions and need some tips for sticking to your resolutions, here are a few suggestions I found.

5 ways to stick with your new years resolutions

5 Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Write Them Down: Many people find if they write something down, they are more likely to stick with it.
  2. Take Baby Steps: Do not try to do it all right away. This is a sure fire way to get burned out and chances are, you will not succeed.
  3. Be Positive: Have an upbeat and “can do” attitude if you expect to stay with your new routine. Using motivational quotes and positive self talk is great for motivation. Instead of saying “I cannot make myself go to the gym today”, say instead, “I love how energized I feel when I have been to the gym.”
  4. Get A Support System: Studies show if you have a support system in place, you are more likely to forge ahead with your resolutions.
  5. Make It Fun: If you make what you are doing enjoyable or make a game of it, it will become something you look forward to doing. If you are exercising and listen to music, put some infectious music on your playlist that will get your feet moving! When you are listening to music when you work out, be sure to have the proper equipment to ensure you get the best sound experience you can. For me, I enjoy listening to music through my Logitech UR 600s headphones.

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When you listen to music through the Logitech UE 600s, you get a unique sound experience due to their design. With their top-firing armature in each ear, you get a high-frequency response and a fuller sound. Instead of just hearing the music, you are enveloped by the sound and you become part of it. They have a built-in microphone and on-cord controls, so you can switch from your music to your phone quite easily. They work with many mobile devices and smartphones, so you can listen to your music, audio books and answer calls.

With their noise cancelling properties, you cannot beat them because the world around you is blocked and all you get is the sound of your music. They fit great, are super comfortable and you get additional silicon and foam ear cushions. You can purchase the Logitech UE 600s from their website for $120 as well as Amazon and other retailers who carry fine electronic accessories. 


  1. I would prefer headphones because the ear buds do not stay in my ears and I think the sound is better in headphones.

  2. I prefer regular headphones because earbuds, after wearing them for awhile, hurt my ears and after I take them out I feel like they’re still in there.

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  3. I prefer headphones. Seem to give you a deeper sound. More variety of shapes/sizes. I find them more comfortable for long listening sessions

  4. I’d love to get some headphones for my husband. He listens to music at his desk at work and he gets more work done that way.

  5. I prefer headphones! The in ear stuff just makes my ears hurt. I’ve tried tons of different styles, but nothing is ever comfortable for long 🙂

  6. I like in-ear better. I have my tragus pierced, so I have an issue with getting headphones to stay in that ear.

  7. i prefer in ear because i feel as if it is easier to hear what is around me as well. this way when i’m using them outside i am safer.

  8. I would prefer headphones, I have had surgery through both ears and can’t seem to get the in ear buds to go or stay in. 🙂

  9. I prefer headphones because they stay on. I have not yet found ones for the ear that stay in for me. I also think you get far better sound from the headphones.

  10. I would prefer the Head Phones since I have sensitive ears and don’t really like pushing anything into them. I think it’s better for my hearing as well.

  11. I would prefer in ear because it is more comfortable when moving and doing housework which is when I usually use my headphones!

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