A child growing up is a truly emotional thing that every mother gets to experience in their life. However, as emotional and affectionate this experience can be, it can also get as tiring if mothers do not prepare for their child growing up this fast. Mothers should take into account how their child is growing and what changes they would need to make in their surroundings in order to accommodate their child’s changes and growth. Listed below are 5 things every mom with a growing toddler needs:

1.       Step Stools

Growing toddlers love doing things on their own and often need some assistance in doing so. A common example is how they love brushing their own teeth while looking in the washroom’s mirror and mimicking you. In order to help them do that, parents often have to pick them up so that they are at a height at which they can view themselves in the mirror. Parents can make their lives much easier and get step stools for their toddler to stand on and get things done themselves.

2.       A car seat

As your child grows with age, they are likely to outgrow their infant car seat and hence you’d need to update your child’s old car seat with a new one. Parents should opt for the Baby Car Seat – Maxi-Cosi which is essentially a range of baby car seats that keeps children safe and protected  during a car ride. This range of car seats is protected by technology that minimizes impact in case of an accident and keeps the child secure. Parents are recommended to have rear-facing convertible car seats that are extremely safe and convenient.

3.       Faucet extenders

Kids love washing their hands in the sink but it gets really difficult for them to extend their tiny arms all the way till the tap’s reach. In addition to getting them a stepping stool, parents should also consider getting them faucet extenders which are essentially just extenders you slide under taps that allow the water to reach further away.

4.       Small sized utensils

In order to make your child feel more independent during meal times and to instill a sense of responsibility in them, parents should get their child small utensils that they can use during mealtimes and with their snacks. Eating themselves will help them groom, learn table manners and instill motor practice at a tender age.

5.       A high chair

Since your child is growing, it is time that you replace their old high chair that probably doesn’t fit them anymore. It is recommended that parents get a high chair with a removable tray option so that children can be scooped closer to the dining table during meal times, and sit on their own during snack times.

While it may initially seem that your child transitioning from an infant to a toddler doesn’t require much change during the home, it is far from true. Children need to be accommodated in a lot of ways during their growing stage, and parents need to act accordingly. Whatever change they sense is causing inconvenience for their child, it should be followed by a remedial measure and rectified.