5 Things To Love About Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Staying healthy to feel better and live longer has always been something people want to do. Finding the time to dedicate to exercise has not always been easy, and the pace of today’s modern society has only made it harder. Luckily the same advances in technology which have fueled the acceleration of our daily lives can assist us in looking after our bodies, too. A sophisticated and seamless solution to support your fitness aspirations is Microsoft Band. Through unobtrusive data collection, it gives the user insight into their body’s activity levels normally reserved for wielders of medical school diplomas. Here are some of the favorite aspects of my Microsoft Band experience.
Microsoft Band

My 5 Favorite Parts Of The Microsoft Band:

  1. Comfort: I do not wear a watch, so the fact that they designed it to be worn in conjunction with a watch is interestingly moot. Well, I guess I do wear a watch now, because Band faithfully reports the time and date. It is easily adjustable and fits well. This is crucial, as I wear it sleeping, eating and running. Not many devices stick around through all that. It’s a simple, comfortable design which serves this purpose well.
  2. Night: Sleep analysis is fascinating to me. It likely stems from wanting to know the unknowable; It’s not easy to watch yourself sleep. Microsoft Band supplies me with reams of interesting sleep data, and all I do is wear it to bed. Tapping the sleep icon before I nod off lets the Band and the Health app supply observations on my sleep activity. The charts are clear and concise. I can see my heart rate rise when I stir or wake up and plateau like the sea floor when I’m sleeping soundly. It accurately determines when I commonly go to sleep and wake up, and helps me understand how and when my sleep is most efficient.
    Microsoft Band
  3. …and Day: It tracks your activity throughout the day, monitoring your heart rate and motion and using that data to more accurately estimate calories burned. The data yields interesting results. I can see which hours of the day I am active or stationary, and looking at that data over time gives me the best places to impact my activity level. On this particular day I was walking around on the beach early in the morning and had good activity results, while the calming environment kept my heart rate at relatively low levels. When I did my guided workout in the afternoon, it is visible as a little mountain on my heart rate landscape which ramps down into a reasonably active evening of campfire building.
    Microsoft Band
  4. UV Detection: Living in Florida means you are always aware of the sun and its effect on your skin. Microsoft Band gives me a convenient way to quickly check UV levels and adjust my skin care appropriately. I know that cloud cover does not indicate safety from the sun’s ultraviolet waves, and the Band’s analysis coupled with my personal burning experiences lets me feel confident in my chosen level of protection. It has weather updates available, too, if needed.
  5. Keeping In Touch: No matter how far you run, your responsibilities will always catch up to you. Working on your body and working at your job function in the same way. Microsoft Band keeps me in touch with the rest of my life with phone/text/email notifications as desired. It has a handy flash card method of displaying information which conveys the gist of an email quickly. It has canned common responses available if you must make a quick reply. Sometimes I would prefer not to stay in touch, but Band gives me the option if I need it.

microsoft band

I find comfort in the data collection itself, even when seeing expected results. For example, I know I should get more sleep, but now I have a better idea of when and where I need to be making it up. I hope to see an eventual reduction in numbers like my resting heart rate with improved fitness. It is a personal science fair experiment complete with hypotheses and conclusions, and I’m the only judge. If you’re interested in learning more, check Microsoft Band out on Facebook or Twitter. If you feel like trying one out, it retails for $199.99 and is readily available.