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In life, fortune favors the prepared. That being said, I want to share with you a few things that will help you be prepared should you ever encounter misfortune when you travel. I know to most of you travelling means at least leaving your home town. But for me travelling is any time I leave the house. Not only do I have these things in my vehicle for my daily travels, I also take them along whenever I go abroad. Like they say ” It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”.

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5 Items It’s Smart To Have When You Travel

  1. SmartPhone: Having a smartphone provides you with an abundance tools when you travel. Camera, GPS and of course access to any information you might need at the touch of a button. Smartphones are the ultimate all in one tool when you are traveling.
  2. Emergency Funds: Most everyone I know plans out their expenses for traveling at least a little bit. What if something goes wrong?  Your wallet or purse get lost or stolen with all of your money and credit cards. What do you do then? This is why I always think it’s a good idea to carry an emergency stash of cash. Only you can determine how much to stash. Hide your emergency funds where no one can find it and leave there unless you need it.
  3. Portable Charger: When you travel you will naturally have to deal with things that are out of your control. Whether these be man made or acts of nature they can leave you stranded and out of contact if you are not prepared. Carry along a portable battery charger for your smartphone and other devices. So if your are broke down in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a blackout while travelling you will be able to keep your phone charged for when you really need it. The Rayovac 3X phone charger is ideal for this purpose.
  4. Flashlight: I know what your thinking. If I have a smartphone then I already have a flashlight. Well I ask you this. In a time of need when you don’t know when power might be restored, do you really want to waste your phone’s precious battery life on the flashlight? Those lights are good in a pinch but they really aren’t up to snuff for emergency situations. The Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight is the perfect combination of compact travel size and undeniable toughness and brightness.
  5. Extra Batteries: Bringing extra batteries when you travel is just good common sense. even when there’s not an emergency. Make sure you get batteries that have staying power both in storage and in use. Rayovac’s longest lasting battery, the Fusion battery, last 35% longer than their best competitors. They have a 10 year power guarantee, in storage and improved discharge efficiency for better performance.

Rayovac is well known for their batteries and now they are applying their portable power expertise to other areas as well. The Rayovac phone charger carries enough juice to fully charge your phone three times and will hold it’s charge up to 6 months. It’s compact design is ideal for travel and it’s compatible with most usb devices. It retails for $29.99 and is available at Best Buy. They really hit a homerun with the Indestructible flashlight. Virtually indestructible, this flashlight is ready for anything at anytime. I runs off of 2 AA batteries with a 5 hour runtime. I has two light modes, high power and energy saver. It’s drop tested from 30 feet and is water resistant. Let’s not forget about the 160 meter beam distance. That is bright. The Indestructible Flashlight retails for $14.99 and is available at Amazon,  Rayovac and Home Depot. So outside of your personal preference of smartphone and your own stash of cash, Rayovac has you covered for your “just in case” travel needs. Don’t get caught off guard. Be prepared.

What unexpected situations have you found yourself in where you wish you had been a little better prepared for?