Summer is the time for parties, especially for those who celebrate their birthdays during the season. Organizing one, however, presents a unique set of challenges, partly due to the season itself. Besides taking care of all of your guests and their needs, you’ll also need to organize the party around the weather problems that might come up. The key to throwing a great summer party is to take the time to plan it out and to figure out how the season and the location will affect your plans.


A backyard is the best place to host a summer party. If you have enough greenery, the setting will help with the heat and make everyone more comfortable. It’s also adjacent to the home and the kitchen in particular which makes serving refreshments that much easier. There are also numerous activities you could organize outdoors that would be great at parties and that can entertain guests of different backgrounds and age. Volleyball and badminton are great options if you have a large enough yard and naturally having a pool opens a variety of possibilities as well.


Boho aesthetic refers to bohemian and hipster aesthetic formed in the 60s. It has found its way to fashion, home design, and party themes in recent years. Having a theme will provide the party with unifying features, from décor to cuisine. The operative word for such design is cozy. You should try to make your home as cozy as you can, and it’s fine to employ cushions, blankets, rugs, and ottomans to accomplish this goal. This works both for the parties held indoors and for those held outdoors.

Outdoor movie

A movie night could be a great theme for a party or at least its final part. Try to go one step beyond and organize an outdoor movie night everyone could enjoy even more. All you need is a projector and a large area to act as a screen. The night and the ambiance will do the rest to provide a memorable evening. Make sure you have enough refreshments, especially enough drinks for everyone and that they are prepared beforehand so you don’t have to disturb the movie itself. Obviously, this is only the option for those who have large enough yards.


When choosing food and refreshments for a party, make sure you’ve taken into account the weather how it affects your guests. A tropical twist to the food your guests already enjoy wouldn’t require that much more work and it will be better suited to a summer party. If you plan to hire catering in Sydney, these preferences and dietary concerns should be conveyed to them. For the most part, it’s possible to order a pre-prepared summer menu or you can create a menu of your own and make detailed arrangements with the caterer about it.

Party favors

The party favors for a summer party need to have a tropical twist to them as well. There’s nothing a person needs more at such a party than bug spray and sunscreen. Don’t hesitate to provide this yourself as a host and your guests will appreciate it. Keep them at the entrance and make sure the guests know that they are free to take one. Obviously, you’ll need to take into account the health and comfort of your guests and prepare a variety of different sunscreens and bug sprays. Some of these might also conflict with someone’s dietary choices since they use animal products and that should be pointed out to the guests.

A summer birthday party has some obstacles in its path simply because it’s organized in summer, but there are still ways to prepare for it and have fun. Take the time to prepare a guest list and organize the event around the needs of your guests. It’s also useful to have an overall theme or at least a central event of the party and it will keep it together. Decorations, food, refreshments and party favors all need to fit the summery feel of the party.

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