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5 Tips on Hiring Commercial Deep Sea Divers

Diving in the sea is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But it is in high demand in certain industries like engineering and construction. As commercial divers must take their jobs seriously, you must take seriously the task of finding the right divers to work with. Here are 5 tips to consider when hiring commercial divers.

1. Perform Pre-Dive Safety Checks

Safety is the most important part of performing a deep sea dive. You’ll need a commercial deep sea diving company that performs pre-dive safety checks and equipment inspections. The safest drivers follow inspection checklists.

One of the main steps to ensure a safe dive is to verify the right number of divers. For every commercial dive, it’s important to form a team of qualified divers that includes a divemaster. A designated member of that team should perform the safety checks. This includes making sure that all of the scuba diving equipment is ready for use and in proper condition.

All divers must be wearing the proper dive clothing and equipment, such as face masks, time/pressure gauges, dry or wet suits, etc. The scuba equipment must contain the right concentration levels of oxygen and gas mixtures. Each container must be cleaned and labeled properly.

During the pre-dive safety checks, there are many other steps that experienced commercial divers must complete. Choose a commercial diving company that performs these checks, and know every major step that is included.

2. Choose Diving Specialists

There are many different types of commercial deep sea divers. Review the list of specialties available before selecting one based on your specific needs. There are offshore divers, who dive in bodies of water outside of country borders, and onshore divers, who dive in smaller bodies of water like lakes or rivers. Naval divers work with the military, and HAZMAT works with hazardous materials.

Commercial divers perform a variety of tasks underwater. Some construct underwater structures like pipes or buildings while others perform ship repairs, inspections or maintenance. Some divers work with law enforcement to perform rescues or missing persons’ searches. Underwater welders repair pipelines for oil and gas companies. Commercial divers can be called to capture underwater photography or engage in deep sea exploration.

3. Hire Qualified Divers

If you’re going on the dive yourself, you only want to work with professionally qualified divers. Look for certifications in CPR, first aid and oxygen administration. Ensure that they are trained properly in the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator), the RASS (Reserve Air Supply System) and other major diving tools and techniques.

Many divers complete swimming tests to evaluate their skills in swimming and diving. Commercial divers need more strength and stamina to dive hundreds of feet into the water. They have to carry heavy equipment, which makes their job more strenuous than recreational diving.

Check if your divers have passed the IADRS watermanship test that tests speed, strength and endurance in the water. One exercise involves swimming hundreds of yards without stopping. Overall, look up a list of recommended qualifications that good commercial divers should have.

4. Review the Level of Experience

Be cautious about commercial diving individuals or companies that promise more than what they can offer realistically. Always review the company’s years of experience and check out the individual divers as well. Avoid hiring someone who has worked as a recreational diver for many years but has performed commercial diving for only one year.

5. Review OSHA Safety Standards

The OSHA is the federal agency that ensures safety in the workplace. Review the minimum standards that have been set for commercial divers. There are certain types of divers with certain levels of training that must be present on every job site. You may not be there on the dive to monitor every activity that goes on. So, you need some assurance from the company that they are following the official standards.

Whether you’re a structural engineer or the manager of an oil and gas company, you need to hire the right commercial diving company for your project. There are additional steps that you should list and review when selecting the right company. The company will ensure the success of your project in the end.

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