Everyone wants a happy marriage. Making a lifetime commitment to honor, love and cherish your spouse can bring fulfillment to your life and that of your partner. However, as the years go by, trying times and challenges can make a marriage go cold. How do you ensure that you always have the marriage you always dreamt of? How do you keep the marriage warm even in your golden years?

Here are 5 tips to having a healthy marriage in your 60s.

  1. Practice Appreciation

After decades of being married to your spouse, you can become so familiar with one another to the point that everything becomes routine. This is very dangerous. In order to enjoy a great marriage in your 60s, you must learn to appreciate your spouse at all times. Look for things to appreciate in your partner to avoid losing the emotional connection. Be an advocate for your partner’s goals. Support him/her in the things he values the most.

  1. Positive Communication is key

Communication is probably the most important ingredient for a successful marriage. How you communicate with your partner affects their emotions and can influence their behavior. Always practice positive communication. Avoid criticism. Instead of focusing on everything your spouse does wrong, try and focus on the things he/she does right.

It is also very important to give your spouse undivided attention. Small behavior tendencies such as glancing at your phone when your spouse is talking to you can significantly affect their feelings. Give your spouse the attention they deserve and watch their behavior change for the better.

  1. Take Care Of Your Appearance

After many years of being married, raising children and achieving your dreams, it is very easy to ignore how we look. However, paying attention to your appearance is very important in your 60s. Ditch those stained sweatpants. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair and wear something nice. Your spouse will appreciate.

  1. Go Exploring

Enjoying a special time together and going on new adventures can bring out the best in you and your partner. Lying on the couch the whole day watching TV can get boring and tiring. Why not go exploring? The golden years are the perfect time to visit all the places you dreamt of when you were younger. Leave your comfort zone. Plan a road trip. Go for a safari. Doing this will ensure that your marriage stays healthy.


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Several studies have shown that sexual function in the 60s can decline drastically as the body begins to slow down. That does not mean that your bedroom should grow cold. Your sex life should actually improve with age.

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