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5 Tips To Kitchen Entertaining

When it comes to entertaining at home, no room is more important than the kitchen. Sure, I try to get the hot spots clean like the entrance, bathroom, and pool deck but the party always seems to group in the kitchen and that’s what needs to be shown off. The open style of my Florida house lends itself has an intimacy that naturally gravitates to the kitchen. Either that or I am always cooking.

Now that everyone is seated at the bar and standing in the kitchen, it’s too late to clean or fix anything. You want to create a space where guests can relax comfortably with food and friends. Follow these simple tips and your kitchen help your gathering be more successful even if your cooking doesn’t.

  1. Sizzle: Nothing is going to make a home more welcoming than a hot skillet of garlic or bacon. Why not garlic sauteed in bacon grease? You should really be cooking everything in bacon grease. It’s not environmentally friendly to pour it out. Think of your body as a filter. Fresh bread and sauteed onions smell good as well.
  2. Snacks: Have a little something sitting out for your guests to snack on. You don’t want them staring at the oven, waiting on the chicken to be done. Think about smoked salmon on crackers with a dill sauce. No worries.
  3. Teamwork: Get other people involved in the meal. They are already standing around doing little more than drinking all your wine. Let them cut the onions or stir the roux. Trust me, they want to help.
  4. Clean: Wipe down anything people can see. Great idea! Use the NEW Lysol Power and Free Tap Top multi purpose cleaner. The Citrus Sparkle and Oxygen Splash fresh scents will smell better than fish heads and shrimp tails. Hydrogen peroxide micro bubbles make sure that no one at your bar gets salmonella. Bonus!
  5. Music: Consider whether your party needs a rock or adult contemporary selection. Motown can take much of the guesswork out of it. Trust the Otis Redding, Sam Perkins choice. Feel the party and let the music help drive it.

Lysol Power and Free Tap Top kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Lysol has been a trusted brand in health and hygiene for over a hundred years.

You can learn more about Lysol and get the skinny on cleaning products and difference between cleaning and disinfecting. To stay updated on the recent goings on of all things Lysol, follow them on their social media channels at @Lysol and on Facebook.

Tell me your worst kitchen cleaning nightmare and enter to win canister of Lysol Tap Top for yourself!

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  1. My kitchen nightmare! When my children wake up before i do, Were talking eggs, cereal milk everything all over the place wow it was an all day activity to clean the kitchen and the rest of the house up from that gosh darn mess!

  2. My worst kitchen nightmare is always cleaning out the fridge. There’s always a few surprises in there, plus my kids will knock things over at the back of the fridge and just leave it for mom to get to.

  3. Lysol is a great sanitizer for the kitchen, which is great because that is where we all tend to gather during get-togethers.

  4. Great party tips and yes everyone does congregate in the kitchen and it does sometimes make it hard for the host so I like the ideas. I also like the bacon grease idea, throw in some mushrooms with the garlic yum.

  5. My worst cleaning nightmare was tripping over my cat with a pot of spaghetti sauce. It was not fun to clean up lol

  6. I love Lysol products.My fiance’ cooks on the weekends.I love the break from cooking but he sure makes a big mess!

  7. This lysol tap top looks so convenient! It definitely seems like it would be a simple, fast solution to clean and it would help prevent the spread of germs

  8. Lysol is my go to for killing germs in the bathroom and in the kitchen, we always have the wipes, spray, and the soap. Love this stuff.

  9. I have not heard about Lysol Tap Top before. I like the idea of hydrogen peroxide bubbles!

  10. I like the lysol brand, and I really like the idea of this canister being available right in my kitchen, to help after food prep.

  11. Hydrogen peroxide micro bubbles seem like a great way to sanitize. It’s a safe way to stay germ free.

  12. I agree keeping the party area clean and free from salmonella is key. Lysol is a great product I use it as much as I can on my countertops and floors.

  13. The worst kitchen disaster thing is when I’m not cooking in the kitchen. the mess of preparing raw meat for a barbecue makes me feel insane!

  14. I find it fun to involve my guests in kitchen parties,I once had a perogie party and everyone made their own it was a huge success !

  15. My kitchen nightmare is whenever my husband cooks! He leaves my favorite room looking like it was hit by a tornado. Thank God for Lysol wipws!

  16. I wish I had a big enough kitchen to entertain. Of course as a vegetarian I don’t have to worry as much about germs, but boy am I still crazy about cleaning my counters.

  17. I biggest kitchen cleaning nightmare is the refrigerator. Its amazing how I keep it clean and organized then my boyfriend comes along and spills koolaid and doesn’t clean it up. Ugh

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