It is no rocket science to understand that driving and drinking is an incredibly dangerous combination. But, people continue to drink and drive relentlessly, which is why driving under the influence remains one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. As a result, competent personal injury lawyers like Atlanta DUI crash attorneys are earning a considerable amount of money.

Moreover, the severity of such accidents is so much that every thread that talks about safe driving tips categorically discourages driving under the influence. We have discussed here five valid reasons for not driving while drunk so that you feel discouraged the next time you think about having a beer while behind the wheel.

  1. The prospect of going to jail:

Many of us do not even realize the looming ramifications when we are driving a car with one hand on the steering wheel and holding the beer in the other. You need to realize if you are caught driving under the influence, you may have to spend a night or two in jail. But, if you happen to hit someone or end up damaging property while driving drunk, your jail time may last for many years. Let alone many years, imagine being confined within the lifeless walls of a jail cell just for a night, and you will get enough dissuasion to not touch alcohol again while driving. 

  1. The prospect of destroying someone’s family:

When you are driving under the influence of alcohol, your potential to cause an accident multiplies considerably. As a result, every driver in your proximity is more likely to experience an unfortunate accident. If you end up taking someone’s life as a result of your recklessness, let alone the criminal proceedings, you will not be able to bear the mental burden of destroying a family. The ensuing guilt will eat you up and you will sink deep into the bowels of depression such that there will be no coming back.

  1. The prospect of incurring life-changing injuries:

If you are too selfish to understand that you can destroy someone’s family due to drunk driving, then consider how much you are jeopardizing your life when you drive so recklessly. You need to understand that your cognitive skills are impaired to an incredibly dangerous extent when you have excessive alcohol in your body. As a result, things do not appear to be what they are, and it can prove to be a fairly dicey proposition while driving.

  1. The prospect of losing your job:

Driving under the influence has a valid stigma attached to it, and society does not see such people positively. Therefore, you are going to face similar issues in your workplace especially if you are employed in a noble profession like teaching, or possess a dignified rank in a company. No company would want to have someone on a senior rank who is convicted of drunk driving. Moreover, you can also lose your license because you failed to act responsibly as an educated citizen of the state.

  1. The prospect of an increase in insurance premiums:

Insurance companies decide the amount of the premium by evaluating various factors that tell them about your risk as a driver. Therefore, if you are convicted of driving while drinking, it is a no brainer that the insurance company will proportionally increase the amount of your insurance premium.