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5 Ways To Practice Socially Conscious Living

So, what does it mean to be socially conscious? Really, it just means being aware of where we put our time and resources, while keeping in mind the overall health and security of our planet and of others, both locally and globally. I lead by example and teach my boys about recycling and upcycling, while trying to pay attention to product ingredients and sources as much as I am able to. Though going green can sometimes seem like it could be overwhelming and costly, there are some things that everyone can do to help without breaking the bank.

Living Socially Conscious

  1. Reuse The Food: Compost your food scraps. You can make or buy a composter or use compost bags. These turn leftovers into plant food instead of them taking up space in a landfill. The bonus is you get free fertilizer for your plants, one less chemical-laden product to purchase.
  2. Power of the Sun: Use solar lighting. Place energy efficient solar LED lights aside walkways and around your deck or patio. This is by far one of the simplest ways to bypass the electric company and garner all that wonderful energy from the sun!
  3. Be Green: Buy earth-friendly cleaning agents. From bath soap to laundry and dish soap, investigate the earth-friendly versions to keep toxic pollutants from eventually making it from your appliances to our water supply.
  4. Fair Trade: Look for Fair Trade logo on the products you buy. For instance, when you see it on items such as coffee and chocolate, it means that the people who did the growing and processing of the ingredients were treated humanely and paid fair wages for their labor.
  5. Do they Care?: Shop companies that care. Do a little research to find out which companies source their ingredients ethically and give back to communities in need. These days, it does not take a whole lot of investigative work, there are lists all put together for you already all over the web.

One such leading edge company, Sevenly, has put together numerous socially conscious products from scarves to jewelry to chocolates and packaged them together in their exclusive CAUSEBOX collections. The brands they include like Denik, Tribe Alive, and Good Spread are all doing things to give back in their own ways, too.

Each quarter (one per season), subscribers will receive a box filled with mindful women’s products that can help you start going green with ease. The items are worth at least $150, but you will pay only $49.95! They give back to underprivileged communities and donate 7 percent of all sales to charitable organizations. You can choose where you would like the funds to go, or if you let Sevenly choose for you, they will follow up with an update letting you know how they were used. You can treat yourself or divide them up and use them as gifts! What will they think of next?

The CAUSEBOX contains a “Be The Change” journal from Denik, who believe that “Art Can Change The World”. They want you to use it to change your world for the better. Doodle, make a grocery list, write a love letter, express yourself. Pencils of Promise help fund schools in developing countries and receive a portion of every notebook that Denik sells.

Inside the CAUSEBOX is a beautiful bracelet, brightly colored and intricately woven. They are handmade by twenty women in Honduras under fair trade working conditions, and each piece contributes to community development and job creation in developing countries. Sevenly worked with local artisans to create the design and supports Tribe-Alive‘s message of hope.

Perf gives 15% of profits to community development projects in Haiti, and some of those come from sales of the highly absorbent, fast-drying Turkish Towel included in our CAUSEBOX. The Perf is for perfect, and it’s just right for either the beach or the backyard. It rolls up tight for easy storage and the good deeds done on your behalf will tuck snugly in your heart.

The necklace in the box is striking, both in design and function. Half United donates half (HALF) of their profits to fight hunger, remarkably high among charities. The necklace is symbolic of a movement away from violence in the direction of positive change. These beautifully powerful necklaces incorporates three hand-polished recycled bullet casings. , first melted down to symbolize the end of something negative, then forged into a positive product, hand assembled and made in Los Angeles.

For every bottle Smarty Pants Vitamins sells, they give vitamins to a child in need. They have helped over 500,000 at-risk children so far. Made in California, and they are a tasty and nutrient-rich way to support both your health and those most susceptible far and wide.

I must admit, I probably would eat the peanut butter even if it was socially neutral. I am weak. Sevenly had no such lapse, and the Good Spread Peanut Butter & Honey Packet they included is both delicious and embodies socially conscious living. When a consumer buys their all-natural peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive an equivalent amount of therapeutic food.


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