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KitchenAid Suite 2

Your kitchen defines the look of your entire house. It’s where family and friends gather and share experiences. Nothing says who you are more than your kitchen. Think of all the special times you have shared in kitchens and how special they all were. It doesn’t take much to keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean. Small touches here and there can make a big difference when updating your kitchen.

How To Update Your Kitchen

  1. Painting Cabinets: Cabinets can get a little dingy after a while and sometimes a cleaning just doesn’t get it done. Splash some new colors around and watch things come back to life. Just by changing the color of the doors or trim can make a big difference in the vibe
  2. Adding Floor Rugs: It’s time to get rid of those old rugs and invite some freshness into your kitchen. New rugs feel great on the bare feet and make cooking more fun.
  3. Changing Dish Towels: It’s the easiest and most affordable way you can make quick changes in your kitchen. Find some new towels that match your color scheme and let your freak flag fly.
  4. Paint the Wall: There’s the spot where the bacon stuck to the wall and the paint behind the garbage can looks terrible. A small can of paint can make a huge different. Think about adding a splash to the background and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. If you mess up, you can always repaint it later.
  5. Updating Your Appliances: Remodel you kitchen with new appliances. You deserve to restyle the whole room with the latest in appliance technology. Transform your kitchen with new appliances at Best Buy or Pacific Kitchen and Home. You’ll love the black stainless appliances and Slide-In Ranges, all with Even-Heat™ Technology that means flawless results. Visit the Best Buy Appliance Remodel/Refresh page to learn more. Get 18 months major appliance financing or 5% rewards and free delivery on purchases over $399.