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As the Microsoft rolls out the new Windows 10, there are a few substantial changes to the operating system. One of my favorites is the new digital assistant Cortana, who until now was only available on Windows phones. This fantastic new tool is guaranteed to make your life easier. Of all the ways to use Cortana to improve our life, these are my favorites.

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5 Ways To Use Cortana To Ease Your Load

  1. Voice Recognition: If your like me and find it frustrating to always have to type all of your entries into your reminders and calenders and so on, then you are in luck. After doing a quick voice recognition scan for the setup, you are good to go. All you have to do is tell Cortana the information and where to put it and she takes care of everything for you.
  2. Reminders: Have trouble remembering those important dates and times. Now that you can just talk to your assistant, Just ask her to remind you of what you need to remember and she will keep on time for all of your important dates and functions.
  3. Researcher: when you have find any kind of information in your personal device, One Drive or even the vastness of the internet at large.  Just tell Cortana what your looking for and she will do all the leg work for you. She can find what your looking for, and fast.
  4. Life Tracker: It’s tough to keep track of all the moving parts in our lives. Cortana can track the status of packages and even flights to let you know of any changes as they happen so that you are not left chasing your tail.
  5. Personalization: Cortana wants to be the best personal assistant she can be. She will tailor herself to your personal needs so that she keep you up to date with things that are most important to you.  Such as sports, news, weather, Stocks and more. She will even tell you a joke if you need one.

So as you can see Cortana was designed with intent of making our lives easier by consolidating, organizing and assisting with all of the things that are important in our lives,  therefore allowing us to enjoy the finer moments without all the worries of what we might be forgetting.

What aspect of your life could Cortana make easier?