There are countless places you could visit on your next much-needed vacation; so let us dial down the many options for you. From Borneo to New York, it can be difficult to settle on a place. The attributes you want to pay attention to most are: ease and comfort of getting there, the inherent romanticism of the place (if you’re going with your partner), and the things to do.

The first part is taken care of by renting a private jet for your group – it’s a much more common method of travel these days for people with options, given the huge mark-down in prices that comes with competition and improved services. Pick a place on any continent in the world, and it’s very likely you can get there in the utmost style and comfort – and you don’t have to be bothered by long lines and wait times.

  1. Rome, ItalyThe incomparable venues of the Eternal City, with its sweeping, 20 centuries-old landscapes and architecture, are well-traveled by tourists every year. There are Baroque basilicas, museums and more to assuage your need for cultural enrichment while there. The ancient ruins here are the most-frequented in the world – for good reason, as they are the underpinnings of Western Civilization. You must see the Colosseum, of course, where gladiatorial combat solidified the place of public entertainment en masse in history. The Pantheon should be your next stop, and it is similarly marvelous. With the Vatican and Trevi Fountain, Rome could be a “things to do” article all by itself. It’s definitely worth several visits in your lifetime if you can make it and should be among top priorities for an Italy trip.
  2. Paris, France: Pairs is a no-brainer to make the list of practically any vacation destination article. One of the loveliest cities in the world, it sports such icons as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral for architecture fanatics. The Louvre is a breathtaking construction, and there are many important artifacts inside the cavernous museum. Plan to visit the Luxembourg Gardens during the sunlight hours; as it is a visual oasis that deserves to be seen in all its verdant green glory. The peaceful sailboats on the Grand Basin, hundreds of relaxing fellow tourists and indelible scenery will keep you occupied for hours.
  3. Cape Town, South Africa: With enclaves as modern as anywhere else in the world, you can experience luxurious lodges and hotels while on a visit to the many wonders of the South African countryside and region. It’s a place indelibly marked by history, too. During the solar eclipse of 1919, the British astrophysicist Sir Arthur Eddington took a contingent of astronomers here to view the moon hide the sun, and measure the position of the stars to see if they coincided with Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. They did, and a 500 year-old problem was finally solved, with Einstein becoming a rockstar overnight as a result. The highlight of your South African trip should be a safari to the gigantic Kruger National Park game reserve, where you can see all the animals of the woodlands and plains. Africa is the one place where all five of the most dangerous game animals (don’t worry – you’ll be as safe as you can be with the tour guides) coexist in an eternal cycle for resources.
  4. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona has seen a resurgence from a couple of decades ago; much of which came about as a result of serving as an Olympics venue. Renowned for its gorgeous churches – the sheer plenitude of them, as well as the architecture – Barcelona is an eclectic mix of the old and the new. It has many nightclubs, which makes for a riveting night scene that’s like a 180 degree from the serene day-scene. Make sure you visit the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas while you’re there, and compare the differences. The shopping in tourist-filled Las Ramblas will grab your attention until the money runs out. Although it’s many things, Barcelona is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes – especially Guell Park.
  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: There’s a reason why Dubai consistently takes #1 spot on the lists of the places to visit in the Middle East. It leaves no stone unturned in its endeavor to be splendid – and it accomplishes this in droves. There are helicopter, balloon tours over the beauty and vastness of the Persian Gulf, food and wine that eclipses anything you’ve ever had before, and malls such as the Dubai Mall and Gold Souk district that will have you emptying your bank account. But Dubai is more than a place of hearty decadence – although it’s hard to tell at first sight of the quality hotels. There’s a lot culture and history there, too, with the Etihad and Al Jaber Museums leading the pack. The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is a big step up from Raging Waters stateside, making Dubai a trip for a small family. You won’t ever forget it.

Now that we dialed down the potential vacation destinations and highlighted which transportation mode will provide you with most comfort and luxury, you’ll have more time deciding on the one from this list. That might be even more challenging but as much fun.