Marriage is forever (hopefully), and so is that sparkly diamond ring you’re about to spend a fortune on. You’ve found the right partner and now want to buy that engagement ring to cement your love. Buying a diamond ring is not only a huge investment but also deeply personal.

Of course, everyone knows about the four Cs when buying the perfect diamond: cut, color, carat and clarity. It’s good to know what makes a diamond ring valuable, what you should watch out for and how to choose the right design. Read on for expert tips on buying a diamond ring.

Buy the Best Cut You Can Afford

While many people will choose a diamond based on its general appearance, cut is what determines its brilliance. The better the cut, the more it will sparkle and the more beautiful it will look. Jewelry experts note that the cut is a key factor when it comes to evaluating a diamond ring.

Look at the different cuts available and then choose the best one you can afford. Cut is ultimately a quality factor when buying a diamond ring.

Consider a Fancy Color Diamond

Normally, diamonds that come with the highest color rating are usually those with the least color. This makes them the whitest and the clearest. However, when the natural brown and yellow hues found in diamonds get saturated enough, they’re highly prized for their colorful intensity.

Fancy color diamonds are becoming more popular, pick a unique yellow diamond engagement ring for an example. Consider other colors like light yellow, intense yellow, pink, blue and even purple.


Keep Up With Diamond Trends

Whether you’re buying an engagement ring or wedding rings, you’ll want something that is uniquely you. Round diamonds are considered a traditional classic but how about trying something new. Today, there are numerous designer cuts from leading jewelers in the market.

An annual report on the latest diamond market trends by a top consulting firm, notes that the market is showing more colored stones than ever before. This is largely being driven by millennials who are now exploring the latest options for engagement rings.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We all love big diamonds but don’t be fooled by size alone. A diamond that looks bigger may not necessarily have a higher carat weight. You have to balance between the right size and sparkle. Of course, a bigger diamond will cost you more. Don’t sacrifice cut over carat weight because a better cut can mean more brilliant diamond sparkle.

Go for Your Personal Taste

Much like personal fashion style, diamond rings are pretty unique. While online jewelers have all types of diamond styles, shapes, colors and even ring designs, you should go for what you love most. It’s good to admire that engagement ring worn by a favorite celebrity, but your personal taste is what matters.

Enlist a Diamond Expert

With an untrained eye, it’s hard to tell whether a diamond ring is real or fake. What about it’s ranking on the scales of cut, clarity, color and carat? It’s advisable to enlist the help of a diamond expert when you want to determine a diamond’s authenticity before buying.

Fortunately, most top jewelers have their own in-house experts who you can work with to pick the right diamond engagement ring. Experts recommend that you also check for the American Gemological Society or Gemological Institute of America certifications before committing to buy.