Like many homeowners, you might have been thinking about giving your house a makeover but aren’t sure where to start. This is understandable since the redecorating process isn’t as easy as it seems and can be confusing and overwhelming. You can make the process easier by hiring professional home decorators, but this can be difficult especially if you have a limited budget to work with. The best thing to do, then, is to download a home décor app and use it to redesign your living space!

Listed below are the best home décor apps that will let you become your own interior decorator. Whether you want some ideas on the best types of furniture to use or you need help with creating the perfect layout for each room, these apps have got you covered.


The right color palette can significantly transform your home interior, which is why choosing the ideal colors to use is the basis for every home décor project. This is where Color911 comes in! This iOS app is available starting at $4 for those who want to create and save color palettes for home decorating ideas. The app will let you pick the best color schemes that match your vision of how your home interior should look like. 

There are up to 80 downloadable color themes that are curated by internationally recognized color specialist Amy Wax, and you can access them via the app. The themes will give you inspiration for your next paint job and give you an idea about the different color combinations you can use. 


This is another iOS app that can be greatly helpful when you want to decorate your condo or house. To use MagicPlan, you need to take a photo of your home interior (or any space that you want to work on). The app then converts the photo into a workable floor plan with accurate measurements of the space. 

This handy app is excellent in providing ideas on how you can modify the layout of your space. Since it provides accurate measurements, you never have to worry about whether or not a piece of furniture or any other design element will fit your space. As there are more and more condos in Erin Mills and other places nowadays, MagicPlan will surely become increasingly popular since it allows condo owners to maximize small spaces and make the most of their unit.

You get the app free of charge, but you can also get a paid version that lets you download floor plans in various formats. This will make it easier to communicate your ideas when working with designers and contractors. 


When it comes to home decorating, Houzz is an app that you can always rely on. It’s an all-in-one source for interior, architecture, and home décor ideas, and it can provide all the information you need when decorating your home. Houzz also has its own website so you can check that out if you want to get more ideas when redecorating your home.

Use the Houzz app to find the best color palettes to use and get inspiration for home interior décor themes to match your space. You can also use it to know about the types of furniture that you can use to beautify your space.

Room Planner by Ikea

Tips for decorating your home with the use of apps. (Image Source: Unsplash)

This app is developed by Ikea, one of the leading furniture store chains in the world. As such, it is an excellent resource for those who wish to decorate their homes. This app is available for free on iOS devices, so you have no reason not to try this app when you take on your next decorating project.

When using Room Planner by Ikea, you can visualize the look of the room by choosing certain styles of furniture from the app’s inventory. Not sure if a particular bookcase will look good with your existing coffee table? Want to know if oversize couches will look great in your living room? No need to wonder because this app uses augmented reality to give you a visual idea of how furnishings will look in your space. 


Getting the proper measurements on your space is a vital step in making your home décor projects a success. But there is no need to do the actual measurements using a tape measure! All you have to do is download the Measured app on your iOS device. This free app uses augmented reality that measures a given space simply by using the phone’s camera. You can save these measurements and refer to them when shopping for furniture or when planning how to use your space. 

Design Home

Last but not least is the Design Home app. It’s one of the top-rated apps when it comes to home décor and is a good source of inspiration if you want to create luxurious spaces. You can use this app to find world-class designs for each room in the house, and it’s definitely something that you can use if you want to elevate the look of your home interior. 

These are some of the home decor apps that you can use for your house redecoration process. Download these apps today and take advantage of their helpful features!