The Grand Canyon is probably one the most famous natural wonders in the world, so being able to see it up close would definitely be an experience to remember. However, seeing it from above while flying in a helicopter is a completely different and unique experience you should not miss out on. There are just a few things you should know in order to be prepared for it and able to fully take it in. With that in mind, if this is how you plan on exploring the Grand Canyon, here are a few tips for making your Grand Canyon helicopter tour truly memorable.

1.      Prevent motion sickness

If you, or any member of your family that is traveling with you, tend to get motion sickness, keep it in mind, and take precautions. You can take some medication, stick a patch behind your ear, or wear the bracelet that affects your body’s pulse points – whatever works on your best. Also, you might still feel a bit weird at take-off due to the specific helicopter movements that are necessary for acceleration, but many people also find this feeling enjoyable. Either way, if you take the mentioned precautions, you shouldn’t have any trouble with motion sickness.

2.      Don’t bring bags in the helicopter

Because weight distribution is extremely important in order to have a smooth and enjoyable flight, the only thing you can have with you inside the helicopter is your camera. So, you’ll have to leave your bags, bottles of water and whatever else you might have behind. Also, the seatbelts are pretty tight, so your movements will be somewhat restricted. Plus, you’ll also be wearing a pretty heavy headset to protect your ears from the noise and make your ride more enjoyable. This means that you should prepare your camera or phone before you take off.

3.      Don’t distract the pilot

Although you will be able to talk to the pilot, you should not chat them up. They have a very serious and responsible job, and you really want them to be focused on it. Plus, considering the amazing scenery you’ll get to see on one of many fun Grand Canyon helicopter tours, you might even be left speechless. Moreover, there will usually be a recorded tour that you can listen to, or a guide that will accompany you, so you should focus on that and let the pilot focus on keeping you safe.

4.      Be aware of hidden fees

Sometimes, the prices you see will be listed as “starting at”, which means that there might be some additional fees, or that the price depends on the date and time of your tour. Or, you might also be charged more if you request a front seat and get it. So, make sure to check the prices before the tour.

5.      Plan your photos in advance

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for amazing photos, but maybe not from the angles you’d expect. For instance, you probably won’t get a chance to take a photo of your whole family or group of friends inside the helicopter while flying, but you can get that shot next to the helicopter before or after the ride. Also, if you’re using an actual camera and not your phone, leave your lens cap in your bag, as you don’t want to accidentally drop it or lose it. As for the best time for photography, you want to avoid the fog and the haze, so from the late morning to the early afternoon should be good enough.

6.      Go to the toilet beforehand

This tip might seem a bit obvious, but still, it needs to be said, especially if you’re flying with your kids; make sure everybody uses the toilet before you start your tour. Needless to say, once you take off, there’s no coming back for the toilet, so even if you don’t feel like going, visit the toilet beforehand. The excitement alone can surprise your body, but you don’t want any other unpleasant surprises to happen, do you?

Going on a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon is bound to be one of the experiences you’ll never forget. So, to make it as enjoyable as possible, follow the listed tips, plan things in advance, and you’re bound to have the time of your life.