You can potentially save a considerable amount of money buying second-hand items over new from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. There is also a potential to discover some unique fabrics, furniture or designs you wouldn’t find in a retail store. Yet, there are some used items you should never buy as they could consequently be bad for your health and safety. To keep you and your family well and safe, read the following.

  1. A Mattress

Relaxing on a used mattress isn’t the most appealing thought, right? That’s because it will tell the story of the past owner. Even if the mattress looks as good as new, you would be smart to walk away from the item and buy a brand-new mattress, as it could be infested with bedbugs. As a result, you may need to contact Turner Pest Control to eliminate the insect infestation from your home. It’s also important to remember that mattresses are not made to stand the test of time, so a used mattress will offer reduced support and comfort in comparison to a new alternative.

  1. Baby Car Seats

It is essential for the health and safety of your child to never buy a used baby car seat from a yard sale, thrift store, flea market or another second-hand product source. There is a potential that the seat may have become damaged during a crash or through mistreatment. If you are unable to purchase a new car seat yourself, identify if your city or county provide new car seats to low-income parents.

  1. Cosmetics

Buying cosmetics for a fraction of their RRP might seem appealing, but they may also feature bacteria or a virus. You may not know the previous owner suffered from cold sores or a contagious condition during their use, which they could then pass on to you. Unless the product is in its original packaging, buy your cosmetics from a retail store to protect your health and provide peace of mind.

  1. Safety Helmets

You cannot put a price on your personal safety. That’s why it’s worth buying a new helmet over a second-hand option. A used helmet could have already experienced a crash or tackle, so it might not effectively protect your head in a collision. Play it safe and avoid second-hand helmets. You’ll be glad you did if you experience a collision on your bike.

  1. Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can be more than a little bit expensive, but you could be simply wasting your money by buying used laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The device might appear to be in excellent condition, but you may soon need to pay for expensive repairs, as the item could have been dropped, banged, or experienced water damage. It may also contain harmful malware that you will inherit when you purchase the portable device.

  1. Over the Counter Medications

Let’s face it, over the counter medications aren’t overpriced enough to buy them second-hand from a stranger. Buying from an untrusted source means you should not trust the products inside, as the contents may not necessarily match the label. Even if the product is sealed, you will not know how or where it has been stored.