Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

Working in an office all day sometimes get a little bit tedious. Whether it be a high stress day or a day with not much on my plate, I tend to eat when I am under any sort of pressure or if I am bored. I always try to keep my desk drawer stocked with healthy snacks to eat at work, but sometimes I fall in to the temptation of the vending machine. Why is all of the bad stuff so tempting? It usually only takes one slip up and feeling terrible about myself in order to get back on track and back to eating from my list of healthy snacks to eat at work.

7 healthy snacks to eat at work

7 Healthy Snacks to Eat at Work

  1. Crackers: Don’t just choose any crackers. Be sure to choose whole grains, high in fiber and low in sugar. Add some cheese to give this snack a protein punch.
  2. Yogurt: Easy to store, grab and eat…plus, it’s healthy! Throw a few fresh berries on top to make it a real treat!
  3. Popcorn: Popcorn is a great option, as long as you steer clear of the chemical packed microwaved versions. Pop your corn on the stove or in an air-popper for a lighter fare.
  4. Cereal: Ditch the sugary cereals. Go with something high fiber, low in fat and high in vitamins. Make yourself pre-portioned baggies that are easier to travel with.
  5. Fruit: Head to the grocery store during your lunch break and stock up the office fridge with healthy fruit salad ingredients.
  6. Veggies: Use the same concept as above and stock up on fresh veggies to munch on throughout the day. Celery and peanut butter is a great option, as are sliced peppers!
  7. Healthy Bars: Many bars give the impressions that they are healthy, but they really aren’t. Stick with bars that are high in fiber and protein and low in sugar.

Out of all of these options, healthy bars are usually my default. Reason being, they are incredible easy to travel with and have a longer shelf life that most other health snacks. I like to keep them stashed in my desk drawer, in my purse and even in the glove compartment in my car.

snacks to eat at work

As you may recall from my last post, ZonePerfect® bars have been my latest obsession. I purchased two flavors, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Almond. While I love them both, I have to admit that the Dark Chocolate Almond is my favorite! It is incredibly rich and chocolaty, and the almonds give it a great crunch. I don’t feel bad about enjoying one at my desk while at work, or in the car on the way to work. I know that they will give me a great energy boost without the crash, that will get me through to the lunch hour. If you love shopping at Target as much as I do, there is actually a Target Cartwheel offering for the ZonePerfect® Perfectly Simple™ bars! The offer is for 5% off, plus a Free $5 GiftCard when purchasing 3 ZonePerfect® products! What better time than now to stock up your desk stash?

What is your favorite snack to enjoy at work?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Abbott Nutrition. The opinions and text are all mine.