This post is sponsored by Netflix. Anyone who has a kid or has watched a kid or even just been present when it’s time for kids to go to bed should understand what I’m talking about when I say that kids will try just about anything to avoid the ever dreaded bedtime. The style and techniques differ from kid to kid and I’m sure more that a few kids are skilled in multiple styles of bedtime stalling. Netflix polled parents worldwide and determined the top seven tactics used to get just 5 more minutes.


7  Types Of Kids Bedtime Stalling

  1. Skilled Negotiator: This is the style that impresses me the most. Where does this ability come from and why do we fall prey to it so easily. Somehow they are able to talk their way into extra time before we even realize it has happened.
  2. I’m Thirsty!: Even though they probably have drunk enough water and/or juice to sink a ship at this point somehow they are dying of thirst at bedtime. This same tactic can be applied to hunger as well.
  3. So Sweet & Full Of Compliments: It’s just my personal opinion but I think moms are more susceptible to this technique than the dads. Moms just love it when their kids start getting all gushy over them. Dads seem to have a natural immunity to this.
  4. Can’t Seem To Move: The oldest one in the book to my knowledge, the “my legs don’t work” ploy has been used by myself and just every kid throughout history I’m sure.
  5. Prankster: This one seems to be prevalent in families with multiple kids. It doesn’t matter if they are working together against bedtime or if they are in an all out prank war with each other the goal is the same.
  6. I Forgot Something: We’ve all seen this one. They have to find that one toy that they forgot about until right at bedtime. It didn’t seem to matter the rest of the night. It does now.
  7. No Pajamas Protest: This is the funniest and quite possibly the most frustrating style of all. While the outright refusal to get dressed and running around the house naked and yelling might seem amusing, which it can be for the first few minutes. It grows into something not so fun when you finally do get them dressed and they just start the whole protest all over again.


In the eternal battle of 5 more minutes that has gone on for as long as there  have been bedtimes, parents have often been at the disadvantage. Even though we all started out on the other team we seem to have forgotten that the core of these tactics revolve around distracting us and diverting our attention from the fact that it’s bedtime.

5 minute collage

Thankfully Netflix and Dreamworks animation has come to our aid and given us the upper hand. They have just released Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. 5 minute adventures that will conquer any reason they can come up with to stall bedtime. So the next time you little bedtime procrastinator starts negotiating for 5 more minutes tell them they can watch a whole show if they go to bed right now. They will march off victorious to their bedrooms thinking they have won the battle while you know you are winning the war.

What’s the wildest excuse you’ve ever heard to stall bedtime?