As a self-professed “fashionista” – someone who pretty much lives for fashion – you should already have or aspire to have a few of the shoe types on this list. If you don’t, you should probably revoke your own fashionista status until you’re worthy of that title. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. If you want to be a fashionista, so be it, but at least become knowledgeable about shoe styles before you call yourself that. Better yet, add a few pairs of each of the following shoe styles to your closet and you’ll have a great foundation for the footwear section of your wardrobe:
1. Ankle Boots:Neutrally colored ankle boots are a popular item worldwide thanks to their ability to match with just about anything. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a skirt, shorts, or a dress, ankle boots provide the elegance of heels with the robust exterior of a boot. Many people find these to be more comfortable and durable than a conventional pair of heels, with a fully enclosed, laced shoe providing more support than the thin straps used in high heels. Overall, ankle boots are on the versatile end of the footwear spectrum, providing a classy look without completely sacrificing comfort and control.
2. Stilettos:Stilettos have been big for years and will probably never decline in popularity thanks to their uniqueness. They have longer, thinner heels than your conventional high heels and come in all types of designs (there are even sneaker stilettos), with the only main distinguishing feature being the thinness of the heels. This shoe style gets its name from the stiletto dagger and was first popularized in the 30’s.
3. High Heels:Every woman has to have at least one pair of high heels. Most high heels are designed to have smooth contours along the back of the shoe so that long dresses or leggings can easily fit over without being caught up. Of course, popular brands and designers of high heels include Burberry, Prada, D&G, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Kate Spade, and Christian Louboutin.
4. Platforms and Wedges:Platforms and wedges provide the same elevation and elegant look as high heels with much more comfort and agility. Many women can run and jog easily in wedges and platforms despite being elevated about 5 inches. Try that in 5-inch heels and it won’t be fun. In some outfits, wedges or platforms can also look less tacky and more respectable than high heels.
5. Knee-High Boots:Knee-high boots are repeated best sellers during the fall and winter seasons for obvious reasons. If you don’t have a pair of these in your closet then you’re poorly equipped. Adding a layer to your jeans, these boots go great with a variety of outfit styles (especially in cold weather situations) and have a very classical look to them. These are more of a special occasion type shoe style, and be aware that they are not as mobile as some of the other options on this list.
6. Ballet Flats:This lightweight style is popular in the spring and summer and matches well with floral and airy dresses or skirts of any lengths. Probably the most flexible and comfortable on the list, these are great for all terrains and are a nice convenience item when you don’t feel like strapping up boots or heels of any sort. At the same time, they have a softer, more dainty look and feel than sandals, so they’re a great asset to have. Plus, they’re typically pretty affordable so you can stock up on a load of different colors and designs in no time.
7. Sandals:Finally, the time tested sandals – a style that is undoubtedly older than all of the rest on this list, yet remains easily just as popular worldwide. The epitome of convenience and comfort wrapped up into an ultra-lightweight package, this shoe type is simple yet stylish. While most sandals contain a relatively small amount of materials, they still leave plenty of room for adornments and designs. In terms of everyday wear, physicians say sandals are the best for your feet. For this reason, next to slippers, sandals are the go-to choice around the house.
Building a Balanced Footwear Collection:You could take a woman with zero shoes and buy her two pair of each of the styles listed above, and she would instantly have a well-rounded shoe collection fit for any outfit or occasion. Every aspiring or so-called fashionista should become familiar with their shoe basics to increase their overall knowledge of the industry, improve their dressing skills, and expand their clothing collection.