Most people only experience physical pain every now and then, but there are many who are living with chronic conditions that cause aching, stiffness, and soreness on a regular basis. It’s becoming more common for those suffering from chronic ailments to seek natural remedies for relief, since many prescription medications carry a high risk of addiction.

Whether you are exploring alternatives to prescription painkillers or looking for more natural replacements to over the counter drugs, you should consider adding these 8 all-natural remedies to your repertoire.

1. Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is a natural treatment for minor hurts like headaches and muscular aching. It is thought to reducing inflammation. It is believed that rosemary extract reacts with pain receptors in the brain, which masks the pain signals coming through.

2. Lavender Extract

You might be familiar with using lavender for relaxation or to help sooth anxiety, but it is also useful for treating migraines. To use, make sure the extract is diluted in a carrier oil and then sniff or rub small amounts on the effected area. You might want to test a small dab on your skin before using it on a large area to make sure you are not allergic.

3. Eucalyptus Extract

Eucalyptus extract or essential oil can be an effective way to reduce inflammation and swelling – which can promote faster healing. However, eucalyptus oil has also been known to trigger asthma attacks and can be fatal to those who are allergic. Before using it, make sure it is properly diluted, and dab a small amount on your skin to make sure you don’t react.

4. Cloves

Cloves are good for more than just adding a little flavor. They’ve been used in traditional medicine for generations to relieve minor aches and pains, particularly toothaches. Recent studies have show gels made from clove concentrate to be nearly as good as prescription benzocaine gels in relieving tooth pain.

5. Marijuana

If you live in the US, you know about the recent push to start integrating the pain-relieving effects of marijuana into modern medicine. Some people have very strong, negative feelings about this. Regardless, science has shown it to be very effective, with fewer side effects than other pain medications. It is available with prescription from dispensaries or online stores like The Green Ace shop.

6. Capsaicin

Using capsaicin for pain relief might seem a little counterintuitive – after all, it is the substance in hot peppers that makes them so spicy. But traditional medicines have been using capsaicin in pain relieving medications for a long, long time. When applied topically, is believed to reduce the sensitivity of the nerves that carry pain signals.

7. Acupuncture

Sticking needles in your body might seem like the opposite of pain relief, but practitioners of Eastern medicine have successfully used this technique to treat pain for centuries. It is thought to stimulate the nerves and muscles and increase blood flow, which can trigger your body to produce natural pain killers. Studies have shown it to be a useful treatment for many chronic pain conditions.

8. Physical Therapy

You might not think of physical therapy when you’re looking for natural pain remedies, but it might actually be one of your best options. Physical therapy combines multiple techniques like massage, exercise – and even certain types of acupuncture – to help correct your pain without necessarily having to turn to drugs or surgery. Best of all, it is supervised by medical professionals who can make adjustments at any time. Therefore, physical therapy is highly customizable and is less needed over time as your pain decreases.