Bridal showers are exciting and are one of the most fun parts of wedding preparation. If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, do not panic. Choosing a theme depends a lot on how you want the atmosphere of the party to be, as well as your unique personality. There are plenty of themes to choose from. However, we narrowed down the top eight modern bridal shower themes.

1. Floral Theme

Typically, when someone thinks of planning a wedding one of the first things that comes to mind is flowers. So, why not incorporate flowers into your bridal shower? A floral theme can be as dainty or as exuberant as you wish, as the possibilities for different arrangements are endless. The plus side of having a floral theme is that you can get fresh flowers or you can fake flowers, as this would be less damaging to your wallet and could be the best option if you suffer from allergies.

2. Nautical Theme

Nautical themes generally consist of red, white, and blue. However, navy and blush pink also go well together for a nautical theme. Large ship wheels, ropes, knots, and anchors help to coincide with the theme. This theme is perfect for brides that are getting married lakeside, at the ocean, or want to make a call back to the place they love the most. This theme also is chosen by many future brides that have a fiancé who serves in the Navy. Although you may be thinking nautical has to be strictly boats and anchors, you could also go with a more Nantucket approach.

3. Brunch Theme

Who says that brunch can’t be a theme? Brunch is the perfect theme for those with a sweet tooth and you know that your guests will leave happy with a full belly. With this theme, future brides get to have the opportunity to lay out delicious foods how they wish and create yummy centerpieces. Foods can even be color coordinated so that they all match. While you can have all sweet treats, it sometimes is a good idea to throw in some savory ones as well.

4. Travel Theme

Do you have the travel bug? Maybe you and your fiancé have been on many travels together, were in a long distance relationship, or are both planning a big trip together. Either way, the travel theme is a perfect theme for a modern bridal shower. Finding travel themed décor is a walk in the park and coming up with games is a breeze. You could have each table be a different destination on where you have traveled or want to travel. You could put up framed pictures of you and your fiancé in different locations. Think suitcases and globes for décor.

5. Afternoon Tea Theme

Are you in love with your backyard garden or crave your tea time? Then, this is the theme for you. Step into a garden oasis with decorations surrounding an afternoon tea party. Maybe provide cute hats for your guests or yummy finger sandwiches.

6. Bohemian Theme

Another modern bridal shower theme is a bohemian theme. Bohemian style can also be referred to as hippie or Boho Chic. Think vintage and earthy when you are looking at decorations for this theme. If you naturally gravitate towards antiques or florals, you will have no problem finding all the décor you need for this wedding theme. Set up earthy toned glassware on a low setting table with a floral centerpiece. Don’t forget to set up a dress code!

7. Pool Party Theme

This theme is perfect for brides that have a pool at their venue, but it’s not always needed. Get some fun floaties to put in the pool or around the venue. Consider having a lemonade bar with different types of lemonade and fruits. You could even give out monogrammed beach towels as party favors.

8. Rose Theme

Spring and summer mark the beginning of the rose wine season. Incorporating this into a bridal shower is a breeze. Have ice buckets full of rose, wine-friendly foods, and decorate with bright pink florals.

Bridal showers are opportunities to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Consider what place has the best bucks night packages in your area. In the midst of all the planning that a wedding requires, you may have unknowingly overlooked picking a theme for the bridal shower.