You are not the only one looking for warmth and comfort within the confines of your home because there are little creatures called pests who look to barge into your home and make it their haven. There are various types of pests, and most of them can be kept at bay with the help of some generic prevention methods.

But, there are some pests like termites that deserve special attention because they can cause an incredible amount of damage to your wooden possessions. Therefore, we have listed here eight useful tips that can be followed to eliminate termites from your home.

1.     Identify the infestation:

Termites may not be obvious to the eye, but their effects are quite evident if investigated keenly. Therefore, get the screwdriver out and try to push it into various wooden structures in your home to check for the integrity of these wooden bodies.

Moreover, you can also tap on the wooden structures to check for the hollowness, and if you find any chink in the integrity of the structure, be assured that you have a termite infestation in your home.  

2.     Identify the type of termites:

Mainly, two types of termites may cause an infestation in your home, dry wood and subterranean. They both can be identified based on their habitat. For example, subterranean termites can be found in both wood and soil, but dry wood termites can only be located in wood. 

3.     Set up the cardboard trap:

Find a couple of cardboard strips, soak them in water and place them adjacent to the infested places, and as termites feed on cellulose, these strips turn out to be an excellent trap. Once these strips are infested, take them out and burn them, and it will result in killing hundreds of termites. Repeat this process multiple times and couple it with some other fixes to ensure the holistic elimination of these little buggers.

4.     Utilize beneficial worms:

Make use of beneficial nematodes readily available in the market because they feed on the larvae of termites and cause death within two days.

5.     Bathe your furniture in sunlight:

Take the loose wooden items of your home like furniture outside and let it bathe in the grinding sunlight. Termites are unable to remain active under extreme temperatures, and therefore, they will not be able to cope with the immense heat of the sun.

6.     Freeze your smaller wooden items:

You can seal the smaller pieces of furniture and décor items into plastic bags and keep them in the freezer for a decent amount of time, and resultantly, termites will be frozen to death.

7.     Use Boric acid and other termite control products:

Boric acid is one of the most common insecticides used to exterminate termites as they attack their nervous system and dehydrate them to death. Moreover, there are also other termite control products readily available in the market.

8.     Get professional help:

If you are still unable to control the infestation yourself, you should call professional services like Portland pest control so that the situation does not get worse.