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Coronavirus Causes Cryptocurrency Panic Worldwide


Since the corona pandemic has spread throughout the world, it has affected the financial markets in such a way that it has formed a history. Day by day, the number of cases affected by coronavirus is increasing, thus raising the fear. Nevertheless, the fear of hunger is now overcoming the fear of this virus.

Cash is being used as the method of payment for the current transactions, which is turning the situation more alarming. The give and take of fiat money are making people interact with each other unwillingly. Today the world is more technological and is connected by various means. We can work remotely, purchase online, even concern a doctor by a video call, and purchase digital coins/currencies. This digital money has many benefits. One of those is that it is not curbed to be used within any particular country.

In the details of cryptocurrency being stable, gold and Bitcoin are back to their old competition. The dilemma is to figure out the most protective asset. Cryptocurrencies, in this regard, are blessed to have some advantages. The possession, reservation, and transportation; are all considered to be a massive burden. In contrast, Bitcoin is neither limited to cross-border transactions, nor to any kind of transportation problem. The relevance of this advantage, among these, too, highly supports cryptocurrency. Because it exists in cyberspace and is easily accessible from any part of the world for any type of purchase, furthermore, it is very easy to get the cash out of the crypto coins.

It is very practical to have cryptocurrency as your asset to save you from interacting with the shopkeepers and traders on the bigger picture. The exchange of fiat money has been one of the significant reasons for the spread of coronavirus. Even Though people are maintaining social distance and following the essential precautions, this network of giving and taking money is transferring the virus.

Save yourself and try buying your necessities online. If you lack any digital wallet, you can get one for your ease. Compare brokers are serving the most suitable services of the times. You can buy, sell, and even trade cryptocurrency using this enormous platform. Purchase the cryptocurrency that is applicable in your area. Read the services provided by pepperstone review. It has all the details, furthermore, this online broker is highly recommended by the users. So you can buy and enjoy! Use your crypto coins for shopping online, and buy all that you want to.

Moreover, if you were a broker previously having the basic knowledge of stock and trade, you can enter the market of trading cryptocurrency. A huge number of people are making a perfect living by earning from this industry. Use your intelligence in this crucial financial state of the world, and earn well. You can smoothly find your interest, once you master the tactics of earning from this industry.

As the financial market is suffering major losses, it is useless to invest or purchase in any local stock market. Buying any suitable cryptocurrency from the famous Roboforex brokers. The advantages they offer can be seen from roboforex review.  This digital asset will remain safe and can be uncomplicated accessed whenever required. You can sell it later or purchase more as per your need. This site is always ready to serve its customers.

More and more people are joining this industry, it is so useful and practical now, and even later, because there is no certain time any forthcoming analysis can give for COVID-19 to end. It is better to make efforts now to save the future. This is the disease of an unusual nature, and this is why it is more threatening and is dramatically collapsing markets. The survival of traditional trades appears difficult. The international relations among the countries might weaken to a great extent as joblessness and poverty are growing rapidly.

The bottom line

During this distressing era, the world together has to fight with all the unusual circumstances occurring. All the financial markets are collapsing, and economies are barely surviving. A safer way is to purchase digital assets. It is simple to use as a payment method. Secondly, the worth may increase in the coming months. It may take the place of fiat money sooner or later. Last but not least, in such an unfavorable scenario, the use of crypto coins can lessen the novel coronavirus to spread fast.

The Best Job Search Apps for iOS and Android in 2020


Since the internet has jumped into our daily lives, we prefer finding out things online. Search Engines remain busy 24/7, in order to provide accurate information that they require. This searching includes jobs also, either online or the traditional ones.

Thanks to the job searching platforms, which are making it uncomplicated for the job seekers and providers. Luckily, we are a part of an era where facilities are beyond imagination. By using our handy device, smartphone, we can easily apply for all the jobs out there. The list of best job searching apps is merely compiled for your ease. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the list and start searching for a suitable job for you.

  1. Indeed

To search for a job according to your feasibility, you can easily apply to the jobs. No profile is required. Make a unique resume that shows all of your relevant experience and education. Use that customized resume for applying to all the job openings. You can also find online jobs using Indeed.com. This site is rich in all sorts of jobs.

  1. JobGet

JobGet is a platform that allows you to find any type of job. If you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, both can be searched here. It is very convenient for job recruiters to post the jobs here, and very effortless for job seekers to apply. By connecting to the recruiters directly through messages. Furthermore, the in-app video interview can also be conducted.

Applying for a job consists of a small process, which is to sign-up, and create your professional profile. Hurry up and download your Android and iPhone apps by a single click. Or else, open your app store and download this fast job searching app within some seconds.

  1. Careerbuilder

Careerbuilder is a global job searching platform, which is extremely user friendly. Simply make your resume on this app by adding your personal information and relevant experience. It possesses highly efficient features, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Due to which all the relevant jobs will appear in your search, so you can review the jobs and apply ASAP. You will also be notified when your profile will be viewed.

  1. Upwork

A very smart website for offering your skills and earning from them. You can find a suitable job as well as part-time projects. Maintain a customized profile with a picture of you to approach for online jobs, Upwork supports its users in enhancing their profile too. Remote working is easy and efficient. Try your Luck!

  1. Tutor.com

If you are interested in teaching, you may apply for the tutoring jobs at tutor.com. They have adequate openings throughout the year for all the job seekers in the field of education. You may find online tutoring outside of your country also.

  1. Good & Co

To enhance your skills and creativity, you must sign-up on this app. It will not only let you earn but will polish your skills while maintaining job satisfaction, which is, by far, very important. Another interesting thing about this application is the opportunity to take personality quizzes. These quizzes will appear on your profile and can be seen by the employers, too, for understanding you better.

  1. Linkedin

Linkedin is a very professional platform for job recruiters and seekers too. Another key point to remember here is that you may connect to the top companies and their employees and stay in touch with all the news and jobs of the companies. You need to make a profile too. Because old were the days when resumes would only be the source to apply, your profile should say all about you. It is recommended to connect your social media accounts to maintain identity. Keep the notifications on and apply as the job is being posted. 

  1. Fiverr

It is a very distinctive platform for searching for a job because here, you do not need any degree. The skills are highly paid and appreciated. If finding a suitable job is difficult, Try freelancing by offering your best skill. It is a part-time job searching app, but as per your number of projects, you can make it your full-time job and earn really well.

What Determines the Value of a Used Car


The price you see on the window sticker of a used car is based upon a number of universal factors. Now granted, different sellers are going to value those factors in different ways — and the nature of car sales in general typically means the price you see isn’t the price you’re expected to pay. However, knowing what determines the value of a used car can help you get the best possible deal.


As a general rule of thumb, new cars automatically lose up to 25 percent of their value in their first year on the road. This happens for a number of reasons. Newer models always come in behind them, which drive their values down. Dealers only buy cars at wholesale, so you won’t get your money back from them. And, people won’t pay full retail for a car with an uncertain history when they can get a new one for the same price.

Therefore, used cars have to be priced lower to be competitive.

The Car’s Manufacturer

Some brands have better reputations than others when it comes to reliability and fuel economy. Other marques are noted for delivering outstanding performance and driving excitement, while being light in the aforementioned areas. Still others are noted for providing wonderfully luxurious experiences with high purchase prices and high maintenance costs. All of these factors go into the formation of a builder’s reputation and affect the perceived value of the cars it produces.

Overall Condition & Mileage

There’s a reason the phrase “good, clean used car” has cachet. It’s what everybody wants. Thus, the farther away from that description your car is, the less it will bring on the open market.

Flawless paint, a pristine exterior, and smooth-running powertrain will enable you to price your car at or near the top of its category. People also get excited with they see low mileage as they equate fewer miles with better condition. The generally acceptable rule of thumb is 12,000 miles per year. Thus, a five year-old car with 60,000 miles on it is considered “normal.” The farther it strays in any of the above areas, the less money you can expect it to bring.


Try selling a purple car with a yellow interior and you’ll understand this one right away. While, somebody out there might fall in love with that combination, they are few and far between. You’re a lot better off staying within the mainstream palette if you’re trying to keep the value of your car as high as possible. White, black, grey and silver hold sway as this is being written. Of course trends do change. There was a time when green, gold and brown were the favorites.

Speaking of which —


SUVs are currently enjoying a huge wave of popularity. This keeps their resale values high, as demand is greater for them than sedans, coupes and sports cars.


You can also command a higher price for your car if it is feature-rich as opposed to what’s known as a “stripper.” The more options you choose when you buy a car, the more you can charge when you sell it.


A highly desirable car of which only a few were made will bring a higher price than the opposite. This is simply the law of supply and demand at work. The more people there are clamoring for an item for which supply is scarce, the higher the price can be.

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, knowing what determines the value of a used car is good information to have when you’re buying a new one. Every smart businessperson knows profit is made when buying, not selling. Always buy with an eye toward eventually selling — unless you’re purchasing something special with the intention of keeping it forever.

And even then, hey, you never know.

Team Fortress 2 and CS: GO Source Codes Leaked


Huge news dropped today for both Team Fortress 2 and the CS: GO community.

The source code for both games has been leaked, and hackers can deliver malware to you if you join a server where a cheater is playing.

The user @SteamDB reported the leak on Twitter, where he posted that the whole source code was leaked and that it’s dating back to 2017 and 2018.

Initial reports state that several Team Fortress 2 communities have advised players not to play the game at all because they can get malware or viruses simply by playing the game.

Cheaters can do remote Code Execution, and you don’t want people installing things on your PC. It’s best advised not to play these games at all until we get reassurance from the companies who made these games.

Until the issue is handled, a good thing CS: GO players can do is cs go case opening on trusted websites such as CSBet. The site https://csbet.gg/en offers amazing cases for affordable prices.

Until Valve handles the situation, you can prepare your account with amazing skins that you can get on CSBet. Your friends will envy you when they see those new skins.

If you aren’t playing multiplayer online, then it’s not dangerous, but the best thing to do for now is to avoid both games.

There are unconfirmed reports of all source-based games like Garry’s Mod, and others are affected as well.

As this is a developing story and Valve still hasn’t commented, we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

Why is This So Dangerous?

When it comes to the Remote Code Execution in Team Fortress 2, and other ones on Reddit, all of these reports are still unconfirmed by Valve.

Some even go as far as saying that the source code was intentionally leaked. Redditors added that it’s an old version and that RCE is unlikely but not impossible.

Still, even if there is a slight chance, it’s a huge threat to gamers. A lot of malware exists, and some are so dangerous that they can give the attackers full control over your PC.

In 2017 we had the malware called Wannacry, which is a cyberattack that was enabled through Remote Code Execution. It targeted Windows operating systems and encrypted their data as ransom. They would only release your data if you paid a certain amount of money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Across 150 countries, over 200,000 computers were affected. The malware spread fast and made hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in damage.

The attack was only stopped when Microsoft released a patch and a killswitch that prevented infected computers from spreading the malware.

We don’t know what kind of malware might spread through these games (if it’s possible), and that’s why we advise you not to play them at all for now.

How To Craft An Appealing Intro Video For Your Website?


If you have a website for your business, it is very important for you to craft an attractive intro video for your website. Intro videos will not only help you in conversions, but it will also enhance your brand awareness. One thing that you have to keep in mind that the quality of your video is up to the mark. In case if your video is not attractive enough, it will not help you to get buyers for your products and services. Hence to help you out, we are about to provide you with a comprehensive guide that will help you to craft an appealing intro video for your website.

Make sure of your goal first.

It is the first thing that you have to do. You need to ensure that you have a specific goal. It will help you to craft your intro video precisely. Or else if the viewers find that your video is boring, it will be harmful to your brand. And if you have your goal in mind, it will be easier for you to tailor your video according to that. You have to be quite precise about the fact that making a random intro video is not going to help you. You have to give effort and time so that you can come up with an effective video.

Also, try to keep it to the point and short.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that your intro video should be short and to the point. There are two things that are going to decide whether your audience will watch your videos or not. The first thing that we are talking about is the company. If the thumbnail of your video is attractive and relevant, it will help you to attract a lot of viewers. The second thing that influences the views is the length of the video. If the viewers find that your video is unnecessarily lengthy, they will stay away from your video. And that will thwart the growth of your brand. So, it will be the best option for you if you can keep your video short as well as to the point. 

Incorporate a call to action at the end of your video

It is a very important thing that you have to check. Well, whenever you are crafting an intro video, include a call to action button at the end of your video. It will bring you direct conversions, and it will also play a significant role in increasing the awareness of your brand. To be precise, if you include a call to action button in the video, you are telling your viewers what to do next. Or else, they will keep on hanging. And that is not something good for your products and services.

Give a human touch to your brand.

Human connection is one of the vital things when it comes to crafting the intro video for your website. Well, in this era of digitalization, the beauty of human touch is losing its edge. And your intro video is one of the best ways to incorporate human touch to your brand. It will not only help the viewers to connect with your brand emotionally, but it will also enhance your brand awareness. Besides, it will play a significant role in constructing the reliability of this product. So make sure to craft your video in such a way that can strike the chord with your audiences.

Never compromise with the quality of the video.

It is one of the essential things that you should keep in mind. If you are tailoring a video for your website, you shouldn’t make any compromise when it comes to the quality of the video. Or else there is a possibility that people will go away from your video. No matter how creative or unique your video is, the quality is not up to the mark; there is no point in crafting the intro video for your website. A lot of studies and observations stated that if the quality of the video of a brand is poor, the viewers will get irritated. So, you can understand that if the quality is not good, it will be unhealthy for your promotion.

The autoplay should be turned off.

You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t force your audience to watch your video. Well, you don’t know the state of mind of your audiences when they are watching your video. There is a possibility that they are going through some bad times and they don’t really want to watch any video. During those times, if you force your audience to watch your video, they will become angry. Also, it will become irritating for them if they have to watch your video even if they don’t want to. So, it is important for you to turn off the autoplay option. It may hamper the publicity of your video. 

Publish it in YouTube

Well, if you want to enjoy the publicity of your video, you should publish it on YouTube. One of the best parts of YouTube is that it consists of a freeYouTube intro maker. It comprises several features which will allow you to come up with an intriguing intro. With the help of those features, you can make your video quite appealing so that audiences head towards your video. So, you can comprehend the fact that this intro maker is going to help you a lot. 

Use the best template.

While creating an intro video, you will need an efficient youtube video editor. In that case, you can opt for the InVideo video editing tool. It has a lot of impressive features that will enhance the quality of your video. Besides, you will find loads of templates in this tool. You have to choose the template which is relevant to the topic or your product. That template will make your video more attractive and acceptable amongst people. 

So, these are some of the ways which will help you to tailor the best intro video for your website. 

How to plan a dog birthday party


The pet dog you own is a very special member of your family. Most dogs live only 10-13 years and in these few years, they provide us with a lot of loyalty and affection. Dogs are men’s best friend and it’s no wonder that many people are willing to throw a huge birthday party for their beloved pet. Some throw smaller parties and some treat their pet on their special day but it’s the motivation that counts. It’s satisfying to watch your dog at complete bliss.

So, if you are willing to throw a party for your dog, we got you covered with the tips and tricks that you can follow in this guide.

Selecting the theme

Just because you are throwing a party for your dog, the theme doesn’t necessarily need to be dog-themed. If a holiday season is coming up or you are in one, you can make it simply accustomed to that theme. Or, you can also go for the dog-themed birthday party which lets others know what exactly the party is for. That being said you can play around with the theme and even make costumes for your dog. Dog hats and ties or anything that give it a little more spice.

Deciding the place

It’s important to have a dog-friendly venue as well and doing it outside comes out as a great idea because it suits your dog’s need in most cases. If he needs to go to the bathroom or anything like that or your guests decide to bring their pets with them, having an outside party is much more preferred especially if it’s a big one.

Making sure there’s food for both the Guests and their pets

It’s a party and you must have good food and drinks, right? Make sure you also have an adamant amount of water and drinks. The idea is to make the party fun for everyone which in turn will make it memorable and enjoyable for your dog too.

The Dog birthday cake

Make sure to treat your dog with the ultimate birthday cake suiting to its taste. There are various ways to go about it and you certainly order the cake. If you want to bake the cake yourself and make it that much more special you can follow some great dog birthday cake recipes and decide from there how you want to make the cake and what you want to put in it. 

Plan dog-friendly activities and games

Games that you can play with your pet where others can join are really good ways to make things special for your dog. Fetch, pool time or even running games will suffice. You will also get amazing opportunities to take great photos of and with your dog this way.

Let your dog relax after the party

After going through the program all day your dog will certainly be tired and letting it relax and chill is the best way to go about it. Although, some dogs might remain over excited and you might have to company it a bit longer after the party and you can simply pet the dog for a while and let it rest. 

How Can I Access A Psychic In Isolation?


There’s no doubt that social distancing regulations  are taking a toll on all of us. People who are stuck on their own are incredibly lonely. Others are finding their relationships with those at home with them to be strained more than ever. We are all struggling to make do without the products and services we usually rely on. And some services which are not deemed essential are particularly missed.

In this context, mental health has become all the more important. So many people are experiencing increased anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. While some are comfortable with reaching out to a therapist via online portals, others prefer a different approach – psychic readings.

Psychics can give you good insight into your internal coping mechanisms, including a better understanding of your habits and patterns. They can give you more certainty in these uncertain times of social distancing regulations, and the good news is that you can access them online.

If you are interested in the help of an online psychic, try one or more of the following readings.

Tarot Cards

Tarot card readings are misrepresented in most TV shows and movies. They are portrayed as magical ways of telling you the future, with uncanny accuracy. In reality, tarot card readings are a lot less mysterious and more practically useful. A good tarot card reading online will give you insight into the way you respond to uncertainty. Tarot card readers are incredibly intuitive, and can tell you more about yourself even without the help of the cards. They can therefore interpret the cards in the context of your personality and background.

Palm Readings

While tarot cards tend to give situational insight into your life, palm readings provide a fundamental understanding of who you are throughout your life. What you learn from a palm reading will always be applicable, even as circumstances and contexts change. Knowing more about your true self during these times can give you a sense of stability that you sorely need.

Love Readings

I know what you’re thinking. Looking for love at the moment may not seem like a priority. But love readings can do so much more than help you find love. Rather, they can give you insight and advice regarding your existing relationship. If you are stuck inside with your partner, you have probably already had a few fights. It is only natural that close quarters brings out existing tensions and amplifies them. A love reading will help you understand your relationship patterns and how to deal with conflict during quarantine.


Have you lost someone during this pandemic? If so, a medium can help you get some of the comfort and closure you may not have received from a proper funeral or memorial service. A medium will help you tap into your loved one’s psychic energies, even as they exist in a realm dissimilar to our own. This will give you a sense of comfort in knowing that they have found their own happiness and that they are still a part of your life.


Mental health is incredibly important during these tough times. A psychic can give you insight into yourself as well as a practical understanding of how you can get through the crisis. With online readings available, you can access a great psychic from the comfort of your quarantine.

What to Do if You Find a Bed Bug: Bed Bug Inspection Tips


The last thing you want to find after retiring to your bed after a long day is a bed infested with bed bugs. A lot of people may not consider these bloodsucking insects, whose size can vary between 1mm to 7mm, to be that big of a nuisance. Even if these bugs do not carry any infectious disease with them in a way that a mosquito does, they can lead to potential harm by causing skin infection and rashes.

It is therefore key that you start taking early steps to get rid of these pests before they become a big problem as I did the very first day, I found one bed bug. We have therefore come up with a number of tips that shall help you make a thorough inspection of your bed and eliminate any such bugs.

*Know Where to Find Them

If you have recently found one bed bug and can’t find more it is important that you know the places where you can find them. Failing to detect where they are hiding can allow them to spread to other parts of your house. A single female can go on to lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime which means the longer you wait to take action, the harder it becomes.

Bed bugs generally like to hide inside mattresses, couches and different parts of the bed such as frames, cracks, crevices and other tiny spaces that are ideal for their tiny flat bodies. Apart from these places, you can also have a look around furniture joints, baseboards, electrical outlets, etc.

*Detect Early Signs of the Bugs

It is common for people to mix up the itching caused due to bed bugs with that caused by mosquitoes. You should therefore look for the nature and location of the bite marks to narrow down the possibility of being bitten by either of the insects. Bed bugs bites are seen clustered in the areas of your body that are left uncovered by the clothes and are known to last longer. However, mosquitoes can bite at different parts at random and the marks can vanish comparatively quicker. Apart from signs on your body, you can also look for trails on your bed sheets and pillow covers such as droppings, eggs and stains caused by crushed bed bugs.

*Control their Spread

#1 Vacuuming

One of the easiest and most basic steps towards the capturing and removal of the bed bugs is vacuuming. It is highly recommended that you pack and dispose of the plastic bags with the trapped bugs after you perform a thorough vacuuming of the aforementioned hiding places which are likely to be infested with the bugs. While you are at it, try to minimize the number of such hiding places by sealing up the cracks and getting rid of unwanted items from around the bed.

#2 Laundering

You can then go on to wash all your bedding, curtains, and linen at the highest possible temperature. Higher temperature (117 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) has been known to effectively eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Expose the items that are not suited to washing to the highest available dryer setting.

#3 Buying a New Mattress

Another possible alternative is to go for a new mattress while you leave the infested mattress sealed in covers to restrain them from thriving further. However, make sure that the rest of the house is free of the bugs to prevent further infestation. To ensure extra protection for your new mattress you can also invest in a good mattress protector. Such protectors or encasements work wonders in keeping bed bugs, mites, dust particles and other allergenic substances.

#4 Chemical Treatment-

Though using insecticides can prove to be a very effective way to deal with the persistent bed bugs, it is key that you do proper research before choosing the type of chemical you are going to use. Some of the commonly used insecticides include pyrethrin, neonicotinoids, pyrrole, and desiccants among others.


Getting rid of bed bugs is not only important for keeping up your physical health and sleep quality but also crucial for your mental health as the presence of such bugs have been known to cause stress, anxiety or insomnia in some people. One must bring in professionals from pest control if it seems getting out of hand or the use of chemicals seems complicated.

What Your Choice in Pet Reveals About Your Personality?


Pets are an important part of the family for most people. They’re cute and cuddly, make great companions, and can be fantastic stress relievers. Most people will have a preferred type of pet; we form bonds with our pets based on a common understanding of their needs, personalities, and quirks. Have you ever wondered what your choice of pet says about your personality? Here’s what we know about you, based on the pet that you have.


Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend. If you want a pet that’s willing to give you pure, unconditional love and loyalty for the rest of your life, make you laugh and be by your side through thick and thin, a dog is a perfect pet for you. Dog people are more likely to be extroverted and energetic, you love meeting new people and you’re fun to be around. Loyalty and companionship are important traits to you when making friends and you surround yourself with people who have distinct positive energy, just like your furry friend.


Cat people and dog people have long been rivals, but are they really that different? Nuwber explores it more in this blog post. But, you can’t deny that cats are very different from dogs. It’s no wonder that these opportunistic, resourceful and fiercely independent creatures were once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. Like their pets, most cat owners tend to be motivated and determined, with a strength that makes them stand out from the crowd. If you’re a cat person, you are proud of who you are and will always fight for those you love – just like your cat.


Birds are a fun and quirky pet to have. And while they are many things, they could rarely be described as quiet. Their beautiful singing is a pleasure to have in the home and their hilarious chatter can cheer you up anytime. Birds tend to have more vocal personalities, meaning that their owners tend to be more expressive compared to cat and dog owners. If your preferred pet is a bird, you tend to remain optimistic and you’re not afraid to voice your concerns. Your approach to life is one of great vigilance and care and you’re not afraid of hard work.


Does your idea of keeping a pet not come under ‘furry friend’? Reptiles make great pets, but they are certainly not fluffy and not really the best at cuddling. People with a reptile pet tend to be very independent and emotionally detached; they prefer to get the job done and look at things objectively. If your ideal pet is a reptile, you may be seen as eccentric by others, and are a brave person who isn’t afraid to be unique and a little bit edgy.


Colorful fish swimming around in a big aquarium tank is often enough to give anybody a little pick-me-up. Perhaps you’re the type of person who can’t stay away and needs to gently tap on the tank windows to see if the fish will react. If you’re the type of person who enjoys having fish as pets, you are most likely a quiet, low-maintenance, and mature type of person, much like your beloved pets.

There are several different types of pets to choose from and your choice may be based on your personality, lifestyle, or what you’re looking for in life.

How to choose and buy a good digital camera in 2020


Buying a camera and other product photographer stuffs that are suitable for each of us has never been easier. There are no good or bad cameras, but adequate cameras for every situation. By 2020 the manufacturer did not make it easy for us to choose the best model.

We will look at several types of cameras available in 2020 and some basic parts of the operation.

Panasonic EVIL camera: Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9

– Try before you buy it: You should feel comfortable with it, that it has the control you need, enough grip, easy-to-use menus etc … and then check that the online price is cheaper than a physical store, and buy it from your home.
– Don’t get stuck buying the best camera: There is no “best” camera in all areas (photo quality, performance, function and design). Try to adjust as much as possible to your needs.

– There are no specifications that will tell you which camera is the best: better zoom or higher resolution is not an indication that one camera is better than another.

DSLR, EVIL or sophisticated compact digital camera?

Types of cameras and photography accessories

DSLRs have mirrors that reflect images from the lens, usually through a prism into the optical viewfinder. EVIL or CSC cameras instead of having mirrors that reflect light, they send images directly from the sensor to the viewfinder or to the rear LCD screen. Basically it is a compact camera technology, but with the possibility of changing the lens.

EVIL vs. compact: EVIL cameras are usually better than compact cameras because they have a larger sensor. With their larger cons and lenses spend a lot of money.

EVIL vs. DSLR: If you need good battery life or good ignition speed, DSLR models are more suitable. Low-end DSLRs are cheaper than EVIL cameras. In cons, EVIL tends to have a better video mode and can do almost the same thing as a DSLR.

The main feature on digital photo cameras is 2020


Camera resolution is generally measured in megapixels (MP). This figure shows the number of pixels that the camera uses to produce images. All cameras usually have enough MP, but many of them do not have a processor that is powerful enough to handle images.

Lens (target)

There are two important features in relation to the lens: aperture and focal length.

The focal length of the lens, measured in millimeters (mm), tells us what the magnification of the image is and the number of scenes covered by the lens (angle of view). As the focal length increases, everything seems bigger and takes more. A lens that includes several focal lengths is a zoom lens, and the zoom specification is the ratio between the longest focal length and the shortest: a 20-100mm lens because it has a 5x zoom.

– Ultra wide angle (less than 18mm) good for capturing large scenes.
– Wide angle (around 18mm to 30mm) good for landscape photos and street photography.
– Normal (around 30mm to 70mm) is good for portraits and photos.
– Telephoto (around 70mm to 300mm) is ideal for portraits or sports.
– Super telephoto lenses (more than 300mm) good for sports or nature.

Lens opening

Openings are the size of openings through which light is referred to as the f-number. The smaller the number, the bigger the opening. When it appears in the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 specification, that means the maximum aperture is f3.5 at 18mm and 55mm at f5.6. A wider aperture allows more light and gives you more control over the depth of field. A lens with a wide aperture is known as fast and a lens with a narrow aperture as slow. A fast lens is considered better than a slow lens; “Fast” and “slow” have nothing to do with focus performance.

This is something important to remember if you decide to buy an EVIL (CSC) or DSLR (Reflex) camera: Do you know which system has the lens that most appeals to you? Usually Canon and Nikon have behind them a variety of lenses that you can use, but Sony is stepping very hard with its mirrorless camera, and there are more and more lenses available for the camera, both at home and from other manufacturers.

What if you have to be clear, is that once you enter a system, it is very difficult to get out of it … Are you going to waste all the goals that you have bought for a particular system? Think carefully before buying a camera with these characteristics.

Sensor size and type

With sensor size, we are referring to the dimensions of the photoreceptor matrix which makes the pixels that become images. A larger sensor generally produces better photo quality, but the larger the sensor the bigger the camera; Larger sensors also require a larger electronic lens. Bigger sensors are also more expensive and increase the price of the camera.

What sensor technology can we find?

– CMOS is the most popular. The variant, BSI CMOS, is popular for pocket cameras, because it allows increased sensitivity in low light on a relatively small sensor section.

– The cheapest compact pocket camera still uses a CCD sensor. Cheap CCDs don’t offer image quality as well as more expensive CMOS sensors, but instead, more expensive CCDs such as those used in medium format cameras produce better photos. In general, CCD sensors do not offer good video.

ISO sensitivity

As sensitivity increases, the amount of noise also increases. As a result, some cameras are able to use the highest ISO sensitivity. Ranking range, making reliable specifications. For example, a camera that reaches ISO 6400 might produce images that are worth up to ISO 800.


Most cameras use a lithium ion battery that can be recharged. They offer longer battery life than AA batteries but are generally designed for camera brands. There are models that use AA batteries, but they are generally compact cameras and low-end megazoom.

There are still some other parameters for choosing a camera but what has been explained above can be an illustration of how to choose the device that suits your expectations.