kitchen-design-mistake1An actuator is a kind of motor that produces short strokes motion and is used to control systems or a mechanism. Actuators actuates (moves) by typically being operated by a source of energy mostly pneumatic pressure, electric current or hydraulic fluid pressure whereby it coverts that energy into motion. Actuators have many industrial and home-based applications. Different rooms in the house have numerous uses which makes it necessary to have a perfect space that would facilitate the various uses of the room. The kitchen for example serves as the place where cooking takes place, eating place and for storage. With the use of automation linear actuators, it is possible to have enough space by using the machines to move different facilities in a systematic motion in the house thereby creating more space.
12-18″ stroke linear actuators automation can be used to pop up spice rack that facilitates saving of space. When the spice racks are dashed using the actuators, they only pop out when needed thereby creating space that can be used for other purposes. In relation to the spice racks, the actuators can be installed on the drawers or cupboards. This makes it easier to get the items from the drawers since they can be moved up and down. Fitting different cabinets with linear actuators enables more cabinets to be created in a significantly less space thereby providing more free space. 12v electric actuators fitted in a cabinet enables easy accessibility of items stored in the cabinet. A remote controller can be used to create hidden appliances using the actuators.

Linear actuators can also be used to automate house tables to the required heights. This is accomplished by strategically fixing actuators on the tables, where the user can adjust them accordingly to the desirable size. This process creates more space where more tables can be put to serve extra guests in the room. More space can be created in the house for guests by putting actuators on the seats. This strategy offers the desired height and sense of comfort to the user in the kitchen or dining room area in addition to creating more space for other uses. After the guests have gone, the seats can adjusted back to their normal size.

Installing actuators on the pantry area is another important way that can be used to add additional space in the house. This idea is achieved by putting the actuators on the door to the pantry. The unlimited space in the pantry makes it simpler to open the door thereby creating more space to do other work.

Programmable linear actuators can be used to control flat screen using a command by remote that involves a short customized stroke. This application facilitates in saving space that that can be utilized instead of the TV occupying that space in a full time basis. The actuators can also be put on the fridge door or doors which makes it easier for the user as it also creates more space to the room. This especially happens when using a remote control to open and close the doors of a fridge accordingly.