Big time brand influencers as well as startup sites have found there’s money to be made in the service of influencer marketing. Influencers assist brands in getting their message out to the masses, by way of their website or their social media outlets. Their influence or impressions may be greater due to expertise,credibility, or rich social media relationships.

While it’s fun to make money with a site, it requires research and work. The game is constantly changing and it takes an educated individual to stay on top of it. Follow these tips and maybe one day you won’t have to worry about your day job anymore.

How To Make Money Blogging

  1. Write Posts: Even if you are not yet writing sponsored content, your site needs to have existing traffic. Think about what people want to see and write about what you know and where you are. The photographs have already been taken so all you have to do is write down what is happening in them. If you make a nice dinner, take some pictures of it. Now you have another recipe post.
  2. Promote Posts: Promote Posts: Use your social media outlets to promote your post. Use hashtags, also add keywords to locate individuals interested in your topic. For example if you are writing about an essay, term papers add research paper guidelines or guide to write essay keywords. Send them out periodically and check to see which times and hashtags get more attention. Many influencers promote brands strictly through their social media sites, rather than a blog.
  3. Utilize Social Media Accounts: Learn which ones are currently relevant and join them. The more outlets you have by which to spread your word, the better. Some outlets will be more important to brands and you need to be able to promote through them. Brands will look at the number of followers from each platform find the influencer that meets the particular needs of that campaign.
  4. Increase Social Media Following: The larger the following, the greater the influence. Join sites that will help you to connect with your potential audience. Connect with groups that help sites work with each other and increase their reach. There’s plenty of people out there trying to get their numbers up. Connect with them and work toward the same goal.
  5. Connect With Audience: Family and friends will be the only people reading your posts for a while and they are a valuable audience. Interact with your circle and let them know you are an active participant. Celebrate their victories and thank them for supporting your continued efforts. They will always be the backbone of your entire virtual audience.
  6. Apply For Campaigns: Brands hire campaign leaders to, in turn, hire influencers. These decisions are made in terms of social media following and potential audience. Apply as often as you can for multiple campaigns and be patient.  There are patterns to the way jobs are received and you may not know what kind of audience they are looking for.
  7. Socialix: This site provides a marketing platform where both influencers and advertisers can find each other. Their secure environment dashboard shows pre-funded offers from screened advertisers. It lists available campaigns based social media needs and audience requirements. Socialix connects digital creators with rewarding sponsorship deals.  Visit their website and see how easy it is to become a member.
  8. Be Flexible: Just as there may be a need to create unsponsored posts, there may also be a reason to work for less than desired. You may even find yourself reviewing products for which you have no need. Don’t worry. Everyone has to write a post for a fogless shower razor or the like. Consider the upside that travel blogging may bring in the form of free vacation hotels and excursions. There will be little room for complaining on that sailboat parked off a Greek island.
  9. Ads: As your site begins to grow, there are avenues by which you can add videos and banners to your site. At that point, you receive checks each month, just for keeping up your site.

Imagine sitting on a tropical beach, under swaying coconut palms, working on your laptop. That doesn’t sound now bad, now does it? You’re already playing on your computer most of time anyway. Put that time to good use and let it start making money for you. What do you have to offer the world?