The Makobi Scribe Package consists of Dinner is Ready Complete software and book and a Great Alaskan Bowl with oil! ARV over $100.

I am always on the lookout for wooden dishes.  I love the unique grain and coloration of each wooden dish and when I found The Great Alaskan Bowl, I knew I had to have one.  These bowls are made with Alaskan Birch hardwood and hand-crafted using traditional American bowl making techniques using equipment based on the bowl mills in the late 1800s. I love that The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is careful of the forest and only harvest 3-5 trees per acre leaving the majority of the forest to flourish. Did you know that every bowl is as different as a fingerprint because every tree has its own grain pattern and coloration determined by age, species, soil, and growing conditions?

When my bowl arrived it was a thing of beauty. The inside was smooth and will be a great addition to my table for serving salads, pasta and vegetables. You can also use you bowls for food prep, but I like to show mine off with my presentation.  The Great Alaskan Bowl Company has a variety of wood bowl products, and if you do not see what you like, they will make it for you, but I am sure with the selection of items they have one will be right for you.

My favorite item from their shop is the Family Tree bowls. This is a matching set of sibling bowls cut from the same tree. You can follow the grain of the bowl, from bowl to bowl, to see how they similar and different at the same time. You can also get custom laser engraved bowls to showcase and preserve a photo forever in an Alaskan Birch Bowl. They also have customized bird feeders made from bowls and you can create your own gift bowl.

dirWith my husband being gone all of the time, it really is not fun cooking for just me and the kids. So when I found Dinner Is Ready, the program allowed me to create delicious meals ahead of time so I can just pop something in really quick for them. It also turned out to be a time saver for when Noah did come home. I could spend more time with him, and less time cleaning after my cooking mess!

More than 150 delicious freezer recipes can be found in this book! Every delicious recipe is family friendly, toddlers included and my family has found them to be worthy of the freezer.  Dinner is Ready is a new cookbook designed to make your life easier.  You can learn the 30 Meals in One Day method of once-a-month-cooking by using the easy to read and clear instructions detailed in this book.  dinner is ready actually outlines all of the aspects of the process from start to finish, including time-saving techniques, order of events, tips and shortcuts that will put 30 meals in your freezer in one day.  Can you imagine being able to feed your family for one month in one day’s time?  Don’t have a day? Then you can choose one of the shorter options that are outlined! You can purchase this book for $12.95 and get the managing software for $40. the software will allow you to manage recipes, generate shopping lists, generate labels, and create menus and freezer inventories.

With delicious dinners in your freezer – no matter how busy your day – you can always say “Dinner is Ready!”

  • Softcover
  • 6″ x 9″
  • 240 pages
  • Easy to read format
  • One recipe per page
  • 150+ delicious recipes

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