Marina Bay Sands is a top entertainment location with its vivacious diversity of facilities and attractions. The vision was to build an incorporated development that is eternal, a landmark that has a unique identity which differentiates Singapore from other cities.

Situated along the Marina Bay Waterfront, Marina Bay Sands comprises three flowing hotel towers topped by an outstanding sky park, a lotus-inspired Museum, ‘floating’ crystal pavilions, retail stores featuring revolutionary labels and global luxury brands, trendy Celebrity Chef restaurants, unending entertainment at the theatres, the most popular night clubs and a Las Vegas-style casino. Business guests will also enjoy the wide-ranging incentives, meetings, exhibitions and conventions facilities featuring modern technology, highly stretchy exhibition halls, and a convention centre that can host more than 45,000 delegates. Marina Bay Sands flawlessly blends business and leisure into a singular location, unlike any other.

Enjoy the best experiences at the most iconic hotel in Singapore which is the home to the largest Infinity Pool of the world. Lounge in your luxurious room and absorb in unmatched views of the city or discover the integrated resort’s shops, restaurants and attractions.

Engineering Miracle

Boasting the largest public plank in the world, SkyPark is an engineering marvel. The rooftop superstructure is located 200m high spanning three 55-storey lavish hotel towers. The arrangement is 38m broad and 340m extensive – corresponding to four and a half A380 aircraft.

Complex Design

The basements were built in deep marine clays, the SkyPark comprises the longest public cantilever of the world and the lotus-enthused museum is a geometrically-tricky structure. Location works were packed densely, making complex staging and interface problems. Innovative 3D modelling technologies were adopted pushing the boundaries of present systems and software. These modelling techniques offered a noteworthy reduction in modelling time, better-synchronized documents, fast concept evaluation, optimized designs, and visualization of complex technical problems and enhanced communication with the client.

A unique feature of the hotel is the SkyPark, a three-acre park on the peak of the building with gardens, jogging paths, and swimming pools. The arrangement links all three towers with a part cantilevered off the north tower. The hull of the SkyPark was pre-manufactured off-site in fourteen separate steel sections and then accumulated on top of the towers. There are four movement joints under the main pools, meant to assist them to endure the natural motion of the towers, and every joint has a unique range of motion. In addition to the wind, the hotel towers are also subject to settlement in the earth over time, so engineers constructed and installed custom jack legs to enable for future adjustment at over 500 points under the pool system. This jacking system is vital essentially to make sure the infinity edge of the pool continues to function in an appropriate manner.