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A Custom Photo Viewer Is A Unique Gift For Grandparents

I put a lot of thought and consideration into just about every gift I give. I try to keep my eyes and ears open in case someone drops a major hint I can pick up later on. Our neighbor was visiting this past summer and was telling  me she loved her morning cup of tea. I spotted a beautiful glass tea pot and several varieties of teas for dirt cheap and grabbed it for her. My oldest daughter is an apprentice in a trendy hair salon in Atlanta and I found a pair of professional scissors my stylist recommended. I know she will really appreciate this gift as they are needed and out of her price range. The people I always get stuck on when buying for are the kids grandparents. My mother-in-law is one of those women who has everything and wants nothing. This makes her a gift givers nightmare! I was recently introduced to a company called Image 3D who has a very cool and unusual product. Their custom ViewMaster photo viewer is a unique gift for grandparents.

Give A Unique Gift For Grandparents They Will Cherish

When I was growing up, I worshiped my Gram more than anyone in the world. She taught me how to put on make up, gave me my first drink of diet soda and kept all my secrets. She was a woman who had everything and really did not need or want for much when it came to gift giving. The one thing she always asked for was a current photo of my sister and I. Some years we gave a collage in a frame and others we had a professional portrait made. For her, what mattered most was being able to see us whenever she wanted, even if we were not there in person. If you want to give a unique gift for grandparents they will cherish, the products from Image 3D are right on target. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, you can see a great how to video on how to build a reel at Image 3D.

The custom View-Master style reels and view finders from Image 3D are just like the ones from your childhood with one exception; they are personalized. You create your own reel with 7 images you click through to see and one in the center with a personal message. I chose a variety of pictures for Chris’ mom including one of Caitlin in her prom dress and a picture of Henry sleeping like an angel. I put a picture of Henry in the center and had Merry Christmas added. Each frame can have a caption or you can leave it blank, but I chose to add captions. I wanted Jane to know where each picture was taken or know what the event meant. I know she will absolutely love this thoughtful gift and cherish it forever. You can order one reel for starting at $29.95, but the price goes down for each additional viewer and reel you add. You can also have the view personalized for an added fee and each order ships within 5 days, but check the website for their holiday shipping schedule. Be sure to follow Image 3D on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with their latest news and products.

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