Initially worn by the British armed forces in the 1930s, cargo pants made their way to the mainstream fashion a couple of decades later. They slowly lost their charm because of the bad reputation associated with their bulky and baggy design. Well, times have changed, and they are back to up your style game. You must be thinking that we’re out of our senses, and how can cargo pants upgrade the style quotient? Are these brown baggy trousers any good? Well, as they’ve made a comeback, they’ve come with significant changes. 

Cargo pants now come with the fit you need, from relaxed to super skinny, and come in multiple colours ranging from brown and black to red and green. You can easily style them with every casual outfit and look stylish every day. Below is a list of different types of cargo pants available nowadays. 

  • Slim Fit Cargo Pants – Cargo pants are generally baggy, but they have been revamped to meet the needs of the modern buyer. A cargo design with a slim or skinny fit will make you look stylish on your weekend outings. 
  • Cargo Shorts – Some people love how cargo shorts make their summer outfit feel comfortable yet stylish. Wear them with a plain black or white t-shirt to pull off a relaxed summer look. 
  • Tactical Pants – Tactical pants showcase how the cargo design, comfort, durability, and practicality can go hand in hand. They can be worn in everyday use as well as for outdoor adventures like trekking or hiking. Tactical pants like the 5.11 ABR Pants offer military-grade pants so that the civilians can also benefit by using what the personnel use. 
  • Cargo Jogger Pants – An exciting blend of the sportswear and streetwear providing style as well as comfort. Wear them with a plain t-shirt and funky sneakers to complete the casual look. 

How To Style Cargo Pants

  1. Summer Casuals – If you’re going on a Sunday brunch or walking your dog around the block, cargo pants with a smart polo T-shirt and trendy sneakers can enhance your street appeal.
  1. Party Casuals – Heading to a party and wish to look different from the rest? Style your cargo pants with a nice shirt and funky party shoes to look casual yet classy. 
  1. Dog stroll casuals – Dogs are always looking forward to going out on daily strolls. You might need something easy to wear which looks good too, such as cargo shorts or pants.
  1. Hiking Casuals – Cargo pants are best suited for hiking adventures as they help you keep all the necessary gear close to your body and offer comfort for a day’s trek. Wear them with a polo t-shirt and hiking boots to look classy as well as stylish while hiking. 

How Not To Wear Cargo Pants

  1. Wearing cargo pants with formal blazers – You might like to combine cargo pants with a blazer for a meeting, thinking it will make you look cool. But, cargo pants are best-suited for casual or not so formal places. A business meeting has to have all the essentials, including the right clothing.
  1. Wearing cargo pants that look like hunting pants – Do not opt for a print that’ll make you look like a hunter roaming around the streets. 
  1. Wearing too many pockets – Pockets are cargo pants’ USP, but too many pockets spoil the design and look weird. 
  1. Too skinny cargo pants – While slim fit cargo pants look stylish, too skinny cargo pants look odd. 

And Finally 

There is no doubt that cargo pants are back in the market, but you need to choose what suits you. Proper styling will surely up your style game while providing the desired comfort. Cargo pants are strictly meant for casual wear – never ever wear them for a formal meeting.