A #KotexMom Prepares Her Daughter For Back To School  With UKotex

A #KotexMom Prepares Her Daughter For Back To School  With UKotex

If you have a girl in your life that is approaching or is already going through puberty, this review may be helpful.  My daughter will be 14 in a few months and my BFF’s daughter just turned 14.  My daughter, Caitlin has not started her period, but my bestie’s daughter, Anna, has.  We had Anna spend the weekend with us recently and it was the perfect time to talk to them about their period, answer questions and just ease their minds.  I forget how tumultuous my emotions and moods were when I was 14.  I remember being scared of high school, boys, more homework, and of course, my period.  I know Caitlin and Anna are a tornado of emotions, but the one thing that makes me smile is that they have each other! When the girls and I sat down, we talked about what they were afraid of and one of the things they feared the most was starting their period at school.  I would love to be with Caitlin when it happens, but if I can’t, she needs to be prepared.  We took the cute cosmetic bags we received from Kotex and each girl put a few pads, wet wipes in a plastic baggie, fresh undies, Tylenol and we put an extra pair of shorts in their backpacks just in case.  Although Anna had already started her period, she is terrified she will start at school.

Anna has special needs and has the biggest heart I have ever seen.  She already gets made fun of at school and I think she fears more teasing if anyone were to find out she started at school.  We talked about what Anna should do, step by step, if it happens at school.  Her counselor is also in the loop, so she can help as well.  And we think life is hard as an adult, right? The best way to approach a problem is meet it head on and be prepared.  I think the girls feel much better about what to do after we had our talk.  We also went to the U by Kotex and Kotex websites and the girls found some videos from other girls their age who talk openly about their periods.  It is such a huge boon to have that one on one connection with someone who knows what you are going through.  It is one thing for us to talk to the girls as a parent, grandparent or care giver, but it is not the same as talking to a peer.  Anna and Caitlin said I was way too old to remember what it was like when I started my period, so as Caitlin put it, I was “an unreliable source for information”.  Yep…that’s my girl!!  I am so impressed with all the information Kotex has provided for these girls to feel confidant and empowered when dealing with their period.   We have the Kotex websites bookmarked, so if the girls are unsure of anything, they can easily find the information online.  If you have a young lady in your life that may need to get accurate information about her period, I encourage you to visit the U by Kotex website.

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.