Steam mops are the modern devices through which we can easily clean different floor surfaces. The main thing which we should notice is that we are able to maintain hygiene. If we are talking about cleaning then it is the most essential thing in today’s world. Well, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, what matters is if our need is getting fulfilled or not. If our need is getting fulfilled then we are okay with a few disadvantages as nothing can be perfect in this world. So first let us see how steam mops work.

There is a presence of a water boiler inside this steam mop. The cleaning head is used to pump out the water. With the help of that hot water, the steam loses dirt and the cleaning head wipes it away easily. You might be thinking that what is the different thing, we can even do that with cloth and chemicals but you need to understand that it affects cost and chemicals should not be used everywhere. With the help of a steam mop, you can easily clean dirty floors without the use of chemicals. The reason there is no need for chemicals is that the hot steam which is produced is used to kill bacteria and other pathogens. In this way, you can use a steam mop for tile floor cleaning as well as cleaning other types of hard floors.

Below are some key features you need to look for: 

A Great water tank will sort the things: Generally, all the tanks can be refilled easily but you need to buy the water tank which can be turned off without turning off the steam mop. If you are buying the steam mop which needs to be stopped to refill the tank then it will increase the duration of cleaning and it will be a hassle nothing else. 

Cleaning pads for effective cleaning: Generally the technology which is being used in these kinds of pads is the usage of microfiber. There can be different shapes and sizes of the pad according to the need for the area and the type of surface. There can be different pads if you are choosing a long cleaning option. 

Carpet Glider as an attachment: A Carpet Glider is an attachment through which we can use a mop on the carpet. The attachment is very handy and it will be used in the removal of light stains. You should note here that hard or heavy stains can not be removed with the help of these attachments. For that most probably you need a heavy-duty or a steam mop with extra power. Usage of cleaner or floor shampoo will provide effective cleaning and your floor will shine more. 

The Power Cord: If you are having a long power cord in your steam mop then it is a great advantage as there will be no need of switching electricity plugs again and again. In case if you have purchased a steam mop or your steam mop does not have a long power cord, then you need to first look for the electrical plugs and then start cleaning. You can use additional circuits or extensions in this case, they can help you in increasing the length of the Power cord by providing electricity plug wherever you want. 

Pad Rests: Since the cleaning process takes some time and there can be other tasks you need to accomplish. For that Pad rest can be a great thing. You can easily wait, rest or do another work in case you want. On pad rest, you can keep your mop. This way your mop can be placed easily and the floor will not get damaged. 

Other accessories: There are different attachments that you can purchase along with your steam mop. Some attachments can be handy and some can be large in size. These can be used to clean the surface which is rough or which can not be easily cleaned by the normal surface of the steam mop. Some of the examples of these accessories are extra brushes and nozzles and some attachments that can be used for cleaning windows.

How much time it will take to start: Heat up time can also be defined as how much you need to wait before starting it. The time it will take to boil the water and produce steam. The more it will heat up quickly, the more time you will save in cleaning.