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Karina Dresses are perfect for the hot summer weather! The are lightweight, yet made from a durable fabric. You can tell I love Karina Dresses because I have already blogged about them a few times! You can see me in the Daisy, the Audrey (styled like the one above) and you can here me rave about the Karina Love Club. The reason why I am so fond of their dresses in the summer is mostly because they take no effort. While living smack dab in the armpit of Florida, the heat will make you want to expend as little effort as possible. Also, while suffering through devastating humidity, the Karina dresses dry pretty quick. You can wash them out in the sink, and an hour later – boom it is dry!

summer dress

My favorite feature on the Audrey is how it covers up that little tuck of fat under your arm. You know the one that just never goes away after you reach a certain age. I stopped wearing sleeveless dresses because of that reason. Way to go Karina. She has pretty good insight on what makes a woman feel good about the way she is dressed.

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I also like that the waist line is high but wide, so it is flattering over a little bit of a tummy instead of making me look like I was pregnant.  A lot of dresses these days try to use the empire waist, but Karina has perfected it in such a slimming manner.

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The length of the dress is perfect as well. It is not too short and brushes across my knees. When you have toddlers you all of a sudden learn the value of a longer dress. My kids love to swish up my skirt in public and it is nice that the Audrey flips, yet keeps me covered. I love the way the Karina dresses wear on every body type. The are manufactured with real women in mind and accentuate your better parts while helping to glamour the ones you like to hide. Karina Dresses are a A Perfect Summer Style, and you can get $30 off any fill priced dress with the code MAKOBI30. Connect with Karina on Facebook & Twitter to be the first to know of upcoming sales. In celebration of Karina Dresses reaching 5,000 fans watch the #BrandsWeLove hashtag on August 2, 2012 for your chance to win a Karina Dress of your choice!


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