Many men view a made to measure shirt as unaffordable. They are happy to blow a wad of cash on a designer suit, yet paying a bit extra for a bespoke shirt is a step too far. Instead, they pick up a pack of shirts in a plain colour, perhaps with a snazzy designer label, and assume the job is done. But this is a huge mistake, so if you have yet to discover the true value of a bespoke, made to measure shirt, read on for more information.

  1. What is the Benefit of a Made to Measure Shirt? Shirts are the foundation garments of a man’s wardrobe. Men wear formal shirts under suits, casual shirts with jeans and chinos, and super casual shirts with shorts and cargo pants. In short, a well-made shirt will make a huge contribution to a man’s look. Investing in a made to measure suit is common practice. A great suit will set you up for an important job interview or formal event. It’s comfortable and fits your body shape like a glove: accentuating your naturally broad shoulders and disguising the soft belly your personal trainer is struggling to shift. Unfortunately, despite the numerous advantages to wearing a made to measure suit, many men ruin the look with a generic shirt. Too much fabric bulks up the sleeves and shirt sleeves that are too long hang out the end of a suit jacket. The jacket will never look as good as it should and the trousers will lose their smooth, tailored appearance. Choice is another important factor. Many men like to personalise their look with coordinated details. Buying a bespoke shirt means a man can choose the fabric, the colour, and even the buttons.
  1. The Cost Differential: Contrary to popular belief, made to measure shirts do not cost much more than a ready-made shirt from a designer brand. Lanieri offer Italian made to measure shirts for not much more than an off the peg shirt from a designer brand. You might even find that a bespoke shirt is even a bit cheaper than a ready to wear shirt from a top Italian designer label. It may sound crazy, but the price difference between designer branded made to measure shirts and bespoke, handmade shirts from a shirt maker is so small as to be negligible. Yet the difference in quality is huge.
  1. Take Pride in Your Appearance: If you care about your appearance, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of a made to measure shirt. It is pointless paying a fortune on a designer suit carefully tailored to fit your body, and then ruining the look with a badly fitting shirt. A bespoke shirt makes your tailor’s job a thousand times easier. No two men are the exact same shape, which is why a standard off the peg shirt rarely fits perfectly. So the next time you need a new shirt, invest in a made to measure shirt – you won’t regret it.