Guest post written by Carson Paddy

For a few years now I’ve used this boring old tan trench coat as a basic spring coat for myself. It works great and the reason that I got it is because it matches basically everything that I own, which is a good quality to have in a coat. But, I want a coat that’s a little more fun and to show off my colorful personality, as some people have put it in the past.

I went online with our to try and find a new spring coat. Sometimes it can be really tough to find a coat that’s light enough to wear in spring weather when you need that little extra something, but don’t want to weigh yourself down at the same time.

I also wanted to a color in a spring coat that just looks liek spring. I found this fantastic pale purple color that looks a little like an Easter egg but I like that. I think that when I pair it with the right stuff it will lok appropriate for the season without looking like I belong in an Easter basket.