Everyone keeps asking me to do a Google + Tutorial For business Pages and how I turned this Google + Button into the customized one. I researched the net (Dawn emailed it to me – you kind find more cool Google + stuff like syncing to Facebook here) and She told me to go to Widget Plus.

You can turn the basic Google Badge to a beautiful, customized widget!
These widgets are operational so add me to your circle!

Google + Tutorials for Business Pages (Personal Too)

Vanity URL: You can turn this I-cannot-remember-my-url: https://plus.google.com/112910531209389325939 to this I-am-so-awesome-I-am-self-branded: by going to GPlus.to.

Notifying Members by email or through their G+ Notification: All you need to do is keep everyone is circles of 99 or less, and it will allow you to select the circle to specifically notify! Neat huh!

Upload Your Mailing List To find More Friends: If you upload your mailing list to your personal page by going to Add Circles > Find People > Upload Mailing List, this will allow you to reach everyone on your list to send your new page to. Once they are connected personally, it will make it easier to transition to your page. If you keep them in groups of 99 or less you can also push the page to them! This will be really handy for those of us missing our GFC soon!

Add Pictures Across The Top Bar: This will help describe your business. When you are on your page, click edit profile, then add pictures and you can upload or select and crop the 5 you want across the bar. Since I own all these blogs I kind of collaborated them all into one so I do not have to operate 4 Google plus pages! I am not sure the effect this will have on my rel=”author” links so I would not suggest emulating me on being lazy!

Google Plus Tutorial

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