From the beginning my kid has had an advanced palate. Even though I’m the one who was a chef, I give all the credit to my wonderful wife. She took it upon herself to make all kinds of fresh and diverse combinations of baby food. Were talking things like blueberry-butternut squash, chicken with broccoli and many more. All made fresh. Even though my kid is only four, people are amazed at the things she will eat. One her favorite meals that usually blows the grown ups away is the steamed mussels over pasta from a certain favorite Italian restaurant of ours. The combination of that and the fact that I’m a bit of a sweet connoisseur, makes it no surprise that she can break down the flavors of her favorite snacks like a pro. She has even made a Key Lime Pie all by herself, with lime from our backyard tree. So without further ado, I present to you, a young chefs favorite snacks with milk, in no particular order.


Top 3 Parings Of Snacks With Milk

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies: One of the classics, without a doubt. When the rich buttery flavor of the cookie blends with smoothness of a glass of cold whole milk, it’s like being hugged long lost friend. Then the chocolate chips hit you and give you a little taste of what heaven must be like.
  2. Wafer Cookies: No matter what your flavor is, when you dip these light and crispy delights into some milk, just briefly mind you, they just melt onto your tongue. Oh so delicious!
  3. Cereal: I know what your thinking. Cereal really? Yes really how many kids do you know that don’t like a bowl of cereal with some nice cold milk. As far as mine is concerned it’s a great snack for anytime of day.

These are just some of my little ones favorites. There are of course countless other treats that go great with milk. GotMilk? offers  a variety snack offerings that are perfectly paired with a nice cold glass of milk. They have snacks, cookies cereals and granola bars that include a variety of classic, organic, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan choices that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. There are even lots great on the go options for those who never slow down.

Now with the kids back in school, Got Milk? Goodies is launching the Best in Class campaign to honor deserving classrooms and combat child hunger. Many homes rely on food banks to provide for their families. Often leaving large nutritional gaps in their children’s diets. Got Milk is giving back by asking all teachers, parents and others responsible for the well being of young students to put forth a class room that they think is #BestinClass, and deserves a Got Milk? party. Five classes will win a Got Milk? party in a box with great prizes, snack products and gift cards to their local groceries. On top of that, for every submission, they will make a donation to the Great American Milk Drive. Helping to provide milk to families in need through Feeding America. So follow them on Facebook and submit your Best in Class choices and let’s get to helping those in need.

What’s your favorite snack to have with a nice cold glass of milk?