Eversave provided me with a save to go visit a local business who had an Eversave program going on – Integrative Medicine Center for Acupuncture. Yes, that is me in the picture above with tons of tiny needles in my back. Pretty crazy looking right? Let me walk you through the process of how this works. When I first arrived I was greeted by a cheerful receptionist that made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I was nervous because I had never had this done before and she chatted with me which put me at ease. I was handed the form below to check off my various ailments and to state why I was here. From sitting at the computer so often, I have neck and back strain so that is what we targeted at this appointment.acupuncture questionairre

When Dr. Hanna greeted me, he asked about my areas of trouble and we decided on my back. After I robed up and sat on the table, Dr. Hanna came back in the room and asked if I was ready. I was. He surveyed my back pressing along my meridian asking me if this hurt. Then, he wiped my back down with alcohol, and he tapped the first needle in place in my neck and asked me if I was okay. It was weird. It did not hurt at all. I did not feel the needle penetrate my skin, but I did feel a tingling sensation and then a twinge down in my arm. He tapped a pattern going down my neck and across the top of my back.

Acupuncture needles

Then he tapped down from side to side. I asked how acupuncture worked and he said that by putting the needle in the muscle along the meridian it stimulates the nerves and promotes healing…or at least that is the gist. The website says,

Acupuncture uses Eastern Medicine techniques to balance the flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”), which is the energy or power that animates and supports the body’s functions.  It can be compared to the immune system in Western Medicine.  It flows through specific pathways, called Meridians, and provides the body with nourishment for every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ system.  When Qi is blocked or the supply is inadequate, illness and pain occur.

How Acupuncture Works

After the process was done, he turned on some music and I was allowed to lay on my side. The receptionist came in and took some pics and I fiddled with my phone for a bit, too nervous to lay down. Finally, I gave in and rested. As soon as I laid on my side, I fell asleep. Seriously, I do not even remember my head hitting the pillow and then Dr. Hanna opened the door. Is that not completely insane! It takes me forever to fall asleep. Even last night when I went to sleep, I zonked out in mere minutes. It was awesome, and I feel so rested today. I also looked into their other services such as mesotherapy and lipodisolve which I will be returning for once I am done with my Isagenix cleansing. Check out the online deals Eversave has today.

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