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Adam Sandler is one of my very favorite actors. Every time a movie comes out where he is even remotely involved in, is one that I want to see. I think what I love most about them is that they are safe for me to watch with my kids, and they are still adult enough to be funny. Sandler’s movies also seem to always have a life-lesson to be learned leaving  you to walk away not only with a chuckle in your heart but with a unique insight to thinking a way you may not have before. For example, the movie Waterboy; not many people take the time to think about the towel boy or the kid that brings the water – the underdog. The underdog is a different sort of boy, but in the end people overlook his differences and he becomes the town’s hero. Or Anger Management, with this crazy teacher, who shows the main character how he really should be living his life. Or the movie Click, one of my favorites, where the moral is not to try to fast-forward though the not-so pleasant times of your life cause you will miss all the good parts to0. This one is a real tear-jerker at some parts, but that is what makes it so good. I love movie that take you through your whole range of emotions.

He is great in the chick flicks too. A classic love story, another one of my favorites that I have seen at least thirty times, is 50 First Dates. Drew and Adam have great chemistry in this movie, and I could watch it again and again. Adam Sandler really makes me laugh, and often I still laugh just thinking about a movie I have seen him starring in.  I had such a hard time thinking of just a few movies to talk about…Wedding Singer! Another great movie with Drew. Great story line, cute love story and the guy gets the girl again 🙂 Spanglish is a GREAT movie and a GREAT boy meets girl flick. Punch Drunk Love, and one of my fav recent releases, Just go With It. Paired with Jennifer Anniston this crazy doctor tries to fake a life with Anniston as his ex wife. Of course, they end up falling in love and all the twists throughout the movie watching them do so bring plenty of snickers. Now some people do not see Happy Gilmore as a love story, but I do – he gets the girl or Bedtime Stories – he gets the girl, or Zohan, not only does he get the girl, but it is pee-your-pants funny!

I know every movie I have ever watched has a moment that is touching, tons of laughs, and I feel comfortable letting my kids see it. I love how he always sings these crazy songs that just stick in your head – so much that he put out a few albums. The last move I saw was Jack and Jill, a story of two twins and how they find their way to connect again after losing their “twin powers.” It made me want to call my sister at the end, and tell he that I love her. Do you have a special movie that makes you want to call your sibling?

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