If you have children struggling in school, you have probably looked into a tutor to help your child learn the difficult subjects. I know that when I was a kid, math was a difficult subject for me to grasp; and if I would have had a tutor, my later-year’s classes would have been easier. I would want my child to have the best possible chance at getting a good education and retaining that knowledge, especially, with these trying times we are going through.

Adam Wes Academics  is a professional math tutoring and science tutoring service that comes to you in your home. The Adam Wes Academics tutors implement an active teaching technique called Progressive Dynamic Response (PDR) that  progressively enhances a student’s understanding of material by testing performed with questions designed to measure the students comprehension of the entire subject. What is notable about this concept is that the tutors do not just rely on the students to absorb the information but make sure that they are engaged and actively learning. I like how Adam Wes Academics engages and interacts constantly testing to see if the information being taught is actually learned. So many times, teachers just spit out knowledge that they have without ever knowing if the child is actually learning. At Adam Wes Academics, their tutors are pulled from PhDs, professors or Masters Students from prestigious institutions such as Caltech, MIT, and Harvard.

Adam Wes Academics has a math tutor available for the following subjects: algebra tutoring, geometry tutoring, trigonometry tutoring, precalculus tutoring, AP statistics tutoring, AP calculus tutoring, multivariable calculus tutoring, differential equations, linear algebra, and more advanced math topics. In addition to math tutoring, Adam Wes Academics also tutors the following science subjects: AP biology tutoring, AP physics tutoring, AP chemistry tutoring, anatomy physiology tutoring, astronomy, earth science, and more.

If you have been searching for tutoring online, Adam Wes Academics has several locations of quality tutors able to engage and enrich your child’s grasp of math and science.  Check to see if there is a location near you. You can find Adam Wes Academics on Twitter at @adamwestutors or Facebook. They also have a free tutoring help group for students have a question on their homework that they are stuck on.