baxterAll of the houses in my neighborhood have residential address plaques. We are not allowed to get custom address plaques because we all need to be uniformed and in a row with our trash cans hidden and our fences behind a certain line. It sounds like a horrid neighborhood to live in doesn’t it. LOL. Actually it is not so bad. I really like the address plaque style that the home association picked out for us. It is similar to a few of the more tepid styles on Just Address Plaques.

However, if I had my choice, I would go crazy and get one of the richly colored custom address plaques on Just Address Plaques. I would love to add a splash of bright red, “Hey Look At Me!” to the front of my house! While browsing around the site, I also found specialty plaques with dog bones and eagles. My step dad would love to have a duck plaque in his office! Oh! Gift idea!! I also found signs to put up over your dearly departed dead dog! What a nifty way to honor your best friend–eternally in bronze. The picture I had pulled from their website is funny to me because it is my maiden name!

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