Gardeners that love herbal plants can attest to the many health advantages that the morning glory flower has. Its beautiful name represents its appearance in its bloom of pink, blue and purple shades. This twisting vine that has beautiful petals will have people admire your garden due to its aesthetic properties. It has many advantages and most of them are health benefits in addition to its classic beauty. It is among the most praised home remedy among the many herbal flowery plants. Also, its nutritional benefits cannot be assumed as they are great provision to the body. Below, are some of the healthy advantages of the morning glory flowers.

Treats stomachache issues

One of the health benefits of consuming this trumpet-shaped flower is it helps in treating stomachache issues. It is used as some of the traditional medicine for stomach ailments. Specially, with people in china although now it has caught up with other people around the world who opt for alternative medicine. Those who love how it combats with this issue have multiple of these in their garden. Thus, you can emulate them and grow yours and Gardener’s Path has more details on how to grow it successfully. Common stomach problems that the morning glory flower helps with are stomach aches, bloating and fighting worms. Besides, it is the main ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine to help with problems caused by pinworm.

Help fight stress

The petals of the morning glory flower when dried and consumed as a tea. They give such a calming effect that helps in combating stress. This benefit is great as everyone now, especially women are stressed and requires such a remedy that alleviates stress. Although this flower species has its origin from America. It is now available in most parts of the world. In particular, china uses this flower massively as a key ingredient in their herbal treatment methods. Hence, this advantage is great with the increased levels of stress that can lead to worse health problems.

Beneficial to the skin 

Everyone wants to have good skin and anything promoting that should be considered. For instance, if you have skin-related issues that affect your self-esteem as minimal as insect bites. Consider the morning glory flower to treat this problem. Such as, both common and stasis dermatitis and it does so effectively. It is also believed just as argan oil helps with the skin. The oil extracted from the morning glory helps in smooth skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars. As it is used as a day and night treatment that helps the skin restore skin to its glory.

Relieve cough 

Do you like how onion tea relieves your cough and your children’s as well? Then you will love how the morning glory flower helps with a cough. Therefore, consume the morning glory flower extracts as they help get rid of mucus. As a result, they assist in the cough recovery process. Due to this the morning glory is recommended as an herbal remedy to relieving cough. If you have a persistent cough, consult with an herbal medicine doctor and inquire about the morning glory and if it’s an alternative you can use.

Boost brainpower 

Not only the petals the flower seeds too are a beneficial part of the morning glory flower. The flower seeds have been used to improve and boost brain power, especially to school going kids. They, however, need to be consumed in the right dosage to work effectively. The role it plays is to boost the brain stimulus and in return, the cognitive part of the brain is supported. Try this as it is recommended by the Chinese specialist as it has a positive success rate. However, it is not consumed as seeds but as a tea.

Antibacterial agent 

Since the morning glory flower is an herbal remedy like others such as bougainvillea. The beauty about consuming them is that you do not have to take them as medicine, oils or teas. As you can have them as a side dish as well. For example, get some of the morning glory flowers and stir fry them and serve them for your next meal. This will help you deal with any bad bacteria in your system as it is an excellent antibacterial agent. It is known to effectively fight Candida that can cause UTIs and others like Escherichia coli

Reduces swelling 

Do you love herbal teas and their great advantages to your body? If yes, in your list of hibiscus teas, chamomile teas and others add morning glory tea. This is a great method to consume morning glory if you want to treat edema due to excessive body fluids or reduce swelling. Once you consume this tea it helps with optimizing the excretion of the bodily fluids and it relieves edema faster. Others have found it more effective combining the morning gory tea with golden monkey tea to boost in reducing the swelling and also for added benefits.

It has excellent nutrients 

When you study the nutritional benefits that you get from the morning glory. The more reason you will want to have it in your garden space. Botanists have praised the excellent nutrients it has to the great abilities it possesses. Some of them are aspartic acid, Cysteine, Tropine, arginine, Alkaloids among others. All this collectively provide some of the already discussed health issues.

In conclusion, the morning glory flower has proved with the above advantages that it is not only a beautiful flower but one with a myriad of health benefits among others. Some like diabetes, muscle cramps, epilepsy, and also antifungal properties. All in all, it is important to take precautions while using this flower. Especially, if you are fond of it is best to limit its consumption as a medicine and for other uses as it has hallucinogenic effects. Also, it is advised to keep off taking morning glory alongside prescribed medicine for depression due to the negative effects it has.